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Just One Attempt Short of Success


I was recently reviewing a few archived sales meetings of mine and, by accident, I came across the following sound-bite: It was Thomas Edison who once said, “ It is a shame to see many (if not most) people quit just one experiment short of finding the solution.”

This single sentence had my mind spinning with past phrases, suggestions, recommendations, and reminders of mine with regard to the concept of quitting too soon.

One particular reminder that came to mind was the phrase, “The next one could be the big one.” What does that mean? It implies that we do not know what the “next opportunity” will look like, sound like, smell or taste like. We do not know if the “next one” will be the phone call that will change our life. Or the next email. Or the next introduction. Or the next sales letter. Or the next proposal. Or the next request for a referral. Or the next anything.

In baseball, the next pitch could be the one that meets the sweet spot on the bat and BAM, another run (or four) for the good guys.

Remember this: “The next one could be the BIG one.”

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And I would be remiss if I did not remind you that 50% of all sales professionals quit after a single attempt at making a sale. An additional 25% stop calling on prospects after the second refusal. And here comes the differentiating statistic, 80% of all sales happen AFTER five contacts. If this does not put a little wind in your sales, or some “MOJO” in your selling efforts, than I am speaking to deaf ears.

Bottom Line(s):

  1. Don’t quit
  2. Keep on swinging.


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