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The Continuing Challenge of Social Media for Travel Advisors


As the travel and tourism industry has been one of the hardest hit during this crazy lockdown, the 5 Day Travel Agent Social Media Challenge has restored a hope many thought they had lost. I was honored to host this epic event online for agents across the globe. We had agents tuning in from Malta, Spain, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, and Canada.

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There was an overarching theme throughout the five days; hope & comfort zones were ignited. Every day I taught a new lesson, assigned homework, and had the agents GO LIVE inside our Facebook group. This was a feat in itself, that everyone participated. Many agents inside the challenge are seasoned professionals, with years of experience, and had little confidence about using technology to the fullest potential. By the end of our time together, they were applying what they learned immediately. It was invigorating to watch the success of these industry icons, and to also watch those who are brand new to the industry as well.

As the videos, texts, and messages continue to pour in post-challenge, I cannot help but sit in a bask of glory to be able to provide so much value, engagement, and camaraderie built among agents inside our group. We have really begun to create a close-knit community of agents helping agents. There’s no room for competition, and it’s evident there’s a new sense of life coming from this challenge. Some agents are saying this has been the most valuable social media challenge they’ve ever attended. Other agents have been saying how life-changing this was for them, and even more are so excited for the future. This was definitely needed to spark and ignite an industry that has had too much doom and gloom. If you want to catch the entire recorded sessions, you can snag a VIP pass here.

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Melissa Mackey is the CEO of Travel Chicks & Ignite Me Now. She is an international speaker & trainer and is an independant mama on a mission. She brings 15 years of experience in the field and working one on one with clients to help you discover the missing link in your life and business. She leads retreats and masterminds worldwide to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their business from a heart centered space. Melissa’s been featured on major media outlets such as Financial Post, Huffington Post, Breakfast Television, and Mind Valley. She is an accomplished millennial mama who is committed to helping others thrive.

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