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The Power of Words


This particular topic popped into my head early this morning, for no apparent reason. I awoke to find myself thinking about words, phrases, and sentences that were directed my way over the years. (Over many years.)

You never know how your words may be taken by the recipient. For example, I don’t think I will ever forget a particular sentence tossed my way by my college football coach. I will spare you the specifics, but let it suffice to say, I have laid awake many nights reliving that particular sequence of events.

Bringing the subject to the present, I will try to shed some light on the power of word choice by sharing a few more examples:

  1. Saying “thank you” instead of just “thanks” may appear as a little thing but in my mind conveys a huge difference in sincerity.
  2. “Love ya” is a term used by many family members when terminating a phone call. “I love you” removes any doubt and delivers a heartfelt message clearly.
  3. When responding to a “thank you” from others, the term “No problem” in my mind is weak and lacking sincerity. A much better choice of words might sound like “You’re welcome.”

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You might think I am getting picky, but I beg to differ. Your choice of words in any one particular instance can result in either moving closer or further away from developing a meaningful relationship.

More often than not, a few more choice words will position you as the “real deal” and isn’t that what you are looking to achieve?

On a different, but similar vein, it is important to remember that not everyone has, or appreciates, your sense of humor. I have been known to cross this line on more than one occasion, only to be reminded by my wife.

I am not suggesting you put a tarp on your humor gene, but I am suggesting that you think twice before sharing that humorous one-liner that is aching to be released.

Thank you for reading today. I truly appreciate you spending a few moments with me.


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