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Travel Agent Social Media Challenge w/ Special Guests


After speaking at this year’s Travel Market Place in YVR, and recently a webinar for 1300 agents, I realized how many agents needed assistance in the social media department.

My inbox soon became full with questions on:

  • How to post
  • Where to post
  • How to engage audiences
  • And so much more

Which led to a natural response… I must give back to the industry.

I must take everything I’ve learnt and applied, and teach other agents to do the same. It’s time to thrive through the crisis and become top of mind for clients, so that we create a resurgence in the travel industry – not just a recovery.

Ive decided to host a Travel Agent Social Media Challenge, Oct 13-17, 2020, that will train & equip agents for the future. It’s exciting to also be hosting special guest speakers including: Richard Earls, John Chernesky, and many others. you can register now, at Travel Agent Social Media Challenge.

The advisors will be given a blueprint to follow to hold them accountable and keep them on track, she said. “[Advisors] will learn how to transform their fans into followers and their content into cashflow. They will understand the important role social media plays in the future and how they can’t avoid it.

Travel advisors will learn:

  1. How to use social media, including different apps that will save tons of time and money.
  2. What to post, how to word things, how to use hashtags, best software for scheduling social media, etc.
  3. Strategy behind how to build authority and an online presence.
  4. Why they got into the biz in the first place, and why their story is important to share on social media. People don’t buy the products you’re selling, they buy you…so let’s get agents jazzed again about why they got into the industry in the first place.
  5. How to prospect your ideal clients.
  6. Who your ideal client is, and how to nail your niche.

For those who are up for the challenge, we encourage you to register now and position yourself as the go-to expert for the future.


Melissa Mackey is the CEO of Travel Chicks & Ignite Me Now. She is an international speaker & trainer and is an independant mama on a mission. She brings 15 years of experience in the field and working one on one with clients to help you discover the missing link in your life and business. She leads retreats and masterminds worldwide to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their business from a heart centered space. Melissa’s been featured on major media outlets such as Financial Post, Huffington Post, Breakfast Television, and Mind Valley. She is an accomplished millennial mama who is committed to helping others thrive.

  5 thoughts on “Travel Agent Social Media Challenge w/ Special Guests

  1. Pearhart says:

    This amount of knowledge sounds wonderful for someone like me that does not know much about social media. However, I am curious the hours of each day the sessions will be? I am also taking care of my elderly mother so I may not be able to listen the entire time especially tomorrow because of her dr appt out of town. I am not sure if I can ask questions in this “comment” box or not, but I thought I would try! Thank you!

    1. so happy you are joining us for the challenge!

  2. OOOPHS SORRY I missed the Travel Agent Social Media, is there a recording?

    1. Hello Linda! If you register you can see recordings in the fb group until the end of this week. Or you also have the option to upgrade to VIP and access recordings for life. It’s been very transformational for many agents.

      1. Thanks Melissa 🙂 Tell me about the upgrade or where I can find, (sorry I feel like a Noves) And now looking where to find the webinar link….

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