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Travmarket Media Network: Here’s How to Listen to Our Travel Podcasts


Let’s overcome barriers to entry. It’s time for you to start enjoying good audio content. This is the first network of podcasts built for the travel professional. I’m extremely proud of our content and the feedback has been outstanding. I want you to enjoy it too. Let’s bust some podcast myths and get you tuned into podcasts too!

Podcasts Cost Money

Ours don’t cost a dime! However, they may inspire sudden bursts of wanderlust and have you jumping out of your office chair to find your passport. We cannot be held accountable for the monies you choose to invest in travel after listening, or the new headphones you decide to purchase! #sorrynotsorry


I Don’t Have the Technology to Play Them

If you are reading this, you have the internet. Great news! You are perfectly equipped to start listening! You can play them directly from the Travmarket website, or download them in your favorite podcast app. Apple users will be looking for the included podcast App (it’s a purple icon) on your desktop or phone. PC and Android users have great App options too, but might need to download them first. The most popular choices include Google Podcast and Spotify.


I Don’t Know How to Find Travmarket Podcasts

It’s easy! I labeled them each with “Travmarket” in their titles. Simply searching “Travmarket” in your favorite app will populate all our shows in your search results. You can then simply click to play. We, of course, recommend choosing to subscribe! This will ensure that each new episode gets deposited right into your App for your convenience. If the App option doesn’t work for you, simply play straight from Do you have a smart speaker? Simply tell it to play one of our podcasts, and your wish is its audio command. (i.e. “Play Special Needs Travel Podcast”)

The Travmarket Media Podcast Network ( ) has 8, and soon to be NINE, podcasts all built for you, the travel agent/planner/advisor/professional. We want to help you learn about destinations, marketing your travel business, consume relevant news, book group travel, and inspire you to grow your business in 2021. All of these topics and more are waiting in truly interesting dialogues on the Travmarket Media Network of podcasts.

I invite you to try one or all of the podcasts on our network. Please be in touch with questions or suggestions at

Blessings to you!


Megan is serving as Podcast Network Producer and Creative Director for the Travmarket Media Podcast Network. She is proud of the content being produced and the variety of podcasts included in the launch. Most importantly she is grateful to the brave podcasters that followed her into this adventure.  Megan is also the host of Travel Radio Podcast, a member of the Travmarket Media Network.

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