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Yesterday’s Gone


I like the musical singing group Fleetwood Mac. I like their sound and the words to their songs. I like everything about them. I find myself feeling good when I hear them on the radio. Many groups I can take or leave. This group hits a chord with me.

One of my favorite songs is Don’t Stop. If you are prone to jumping to conclusions, you are probably saying to yourself, “Marchev is about to remind us of the power of persistence, or the importance of not quitting too soon.” I could. I’m not.


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What I am about to do is confuse you for a moment. But with any luck, my message will surface and you will soon be better off for it. Time will tell.

The lyrics go on to say, Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t stop. It will soon be here. Better than before. Yesterday’s gone.



I suppose that this phrase, in-and-of itself, could be considered an anthem of hope; a reminder that there will be better times ahead. But here comes the confusing part. Yesterday, (although it is gone) was once a “tomorrow.” And today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Huh?

Here it comes: Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is nothing more than a thought. TODAY is where the action is. Today is all that is real. Today is where you can plant the seed, so that your tomorrow is worth talking about. The action, the truth, the fun will all happen today.

So, while humming your favorite tune and putting a little bounce in your step, give today all you’ve got. After all, today is all you have. Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow will always be tomorrow.


NOTE: And for you Baby Boomers out there, you might recall another little tune titled Yesterday’s Gone by Chad and Jeremy.


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