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Are You Becoming Lazy? (Part Two)


Yesterday, I shared what I believe to be a common conundrum among travel professionals as COVID-19 continues to hinder people’s travel plans. To be more specific, there seems to be a tendency for us all to become lazy when it comes to performing the needed duties associated with building a business.

At the root of the problem is the fact that, for the past ten months, we have found the time to enjoy the tasks that we consider to be more fun, more rewarding, and less frustrating or stressful.

Although we have succumbed to the problem, we now must “snap out of it” to borrow a phrase from the movie Moonstruck.

In simple terms, becoming less lazy calls for being more active. So the question surfaces: How can we do what needs doing and actually enjoy the process? The answer is simple: By doing what works and what pays visible dividends.

Perhaps the initial step is to start envisioning your business as what it truly can be. You can rebound and become a profitable entity, if that is what you really want to happen. Then, it becomes a matter of “small wins.” Logically follow the path that will lead you to profitability. And this brings me to my ear-torn, sure-fire piece of advice that you can take to the bank. “Become more visible.” Like it or not, you must come out of hiding and put yourself on the firing line. You must be seen. You must bring your assets to your marketplace. You must be heard. You must openly and freely share your knowledge with those who are interested.


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I sometimes find that a simple change of pace and/or direction is enough to put a little bounce back in my step. A call to an upbeat friend or associate. Perhaps a podcast is in your future. The options are all available and up to you.

But once you begin “experimenting” again, and hitting on a few success stories, your MOJO will kick back into high gear; and before you know it, you will be doing your Happy Dance once again. (Remember, you must dance like nobody’s watching.)

Lazy is for slugs, and you are not a slug. All you might require is a little nudging in the right direction to get you back in the game. Little wins. Step-by-step. Always moving toward your target. The good ole days are still in front of you.


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