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In Search of the Allusive “One Thing?”


One of my favorite movie slips came from the movie City Slickers. Billy Crystal was riding alongside the tough-guy cattle herder played by Jack Palance (Curly).

Curly said the secret to life is just One thing, as he held up his pointer finger. Crystal was all ears, as that was exactly what he wanted to learn from the crusty old cowboy. “What’s the one thing?” he asked. “That is what you have to find out,” answered Curly as he rode out of frame.

For many, the “one thing” resembles a tiny pill. There seems to be a pill for just about everything these days… from headaches, to pain killers to weight loss to cholesterol control… to unforeseen “intimate moments” for you old guys. Yet, most sales and marketing gurus, coaches, and trainers are quick to remind you that there is no “magic pill” for business success.

There is not “one thing” that does it all for everybody. But you do have something at your beck-and-call that will work for you. It is not generic. It is your personal brand. And there lies the rub. Like Curly shared with Billy the city boy, you have to identify it for yourself. You have to use it. You have to learn from it. You have to work at it.

Your “one thing” is different from mine. Mine is different from yours. But we both have one.

The “one thing” comes in different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. The single common denominator is that all of these have in common is that all fall under the umbrella known as m-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g. They all involve getting the right people to know you, like you, and eventually trust you. Whichever “strategy” you choose to use, you must do so daily… without exception… without excuses… or your one thing will soon become just another thing.


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One Things” take the form of networking; emailing; written communications; public speaking; blogs; websites; demonstrations; home parties; proposals; contests; collaborations; etc. Your “one thing” is no better than mine. It just is a better fit for your budget, time constraints, and personality. As long as you practice your “one thing” daily, you have a good chance at enjoying the results.

As we approach the end of a tumultuous year (to put it mildly), I challenge you to find and begin developing and refining your own “One Thing.”

I also challenge you to do something that may have been avoiding you for the past ten months: Try with every fiber of your body to have more “FUN” in the next 14 months. Now that sounds like one thing I can focus on.


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