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It is Better Together


Yesterday morning, I was listening to an interview with the famous marketing author Seth Godin. This gentleman has written over 20 books and has a style that comes across both genuine and easy to identify with. In short, I like this guy very much and I endorse the vast majority of his work.

A segment of the interview referenced how small business people and entrepreneurs often slide out of sight while waiting for the magic pill to arrive next week, next month, or next year. He reminded the listeners that life in general is enjoyed more when sharing it with others.

Being a solopreneur myself, this short phrase got me to thinking. I soon found myself soon agreeing that “two heads are indeed better than one” and that misery and success both enjoy company.

(I thought about how my small group of 65 travel agent professionals in my Inner Circle Sales & Marketing group meet every two weeks to share, listen, learn, and comfort each other.)

Seth then went on to support the concept of togetherness by saying like-minded individuals “enroll in the journey together.” He went on to mention that the situation we all find ourselves in these days is, in fact, nothing more than a journey. The song made famous by Miley Cyrus popped into my head titled The Climb.

The last phrase that Seth shared reminded me of the importance of candid and honest “sharing” when participating in a group.


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Recapping the interview: (1) coming together, (2) enjoying the journey while (3) sharing experiences is the formula for everybody getting through 2021 and beyond.


Note: There is no benefit to me but based on my previous experiences with Seth Godin you might want to pick up a copy of his latest book titled The Practice. I just did in audio format, and I’m looking forward to Seth’s latest thoughts.


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