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“Lazy” is Not a Good Thing

I was speaking with a seasoned travel professional the other day when he mentioned something that caught my attention. He shared a recent event with me. He was having lunch with a group of agency owners who shared the same affiliation. A common thread emerged from the conversation.

He said all but one in the group mentioned that, over the last ten months, they have become lazy when it came to focusing on their businesses. They were having trouble getting back on track and performing the daily tasks that ten months ago came naturally.

For obvious reasons, they have had time to concentrate on more personal activities and found enjoyment in performing non-work activities. This came as no surprise to me as the last ten months have affected us all in various ways.

He went on to mention a concept that I am all too familiar with. He said that he felt it was high time to get back to basics. One word shot into my mind at this point. BRILLIANT!


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The first step in achieving difficult tasks is to recognize the fact that perhaps you have been selling yourself short. Call it being lazy, or call it lacking motivation. As I ponder the conundrum, you just might refer to it as lapse in direction or a failure to see the big picture.

All that we have been experiencing over the months, and all we have been doing other than providing travel-related services, paints a clear backdrop for the problem at hand.

Today, I will simply say that becoming lazy is not something you invented. We all have become lazy to some degree. It has become another byproduct of COVID-19. By simply recognizing this less-than-attractive behavior, you (we) are well on our way to filing it as soon-to-be “yesterday’s news.”

Becoming lazy in times like these may be a common practice but it should in no way, shape or form, be construed as a good thing.

In tomorrow’s article I will share a few of my own ideas on how to overcome the laziness factor.


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