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The Good Ole Days Are Still in Front of Us


Today, I’ve decided to call your attention to a valid sales lesson buried in a conversation I had last week with a travel professional.

This person was showing a sincere interest in joining our (Stuart Cohen and mine) Mastermind Retreat in Cancun in March of next year. I was reviewing the program when the agent mentioned the following.

“I am familiar with both of your and Stuart’s work and feel very comfortable I will be receiving meaningful and timely information and stimulation. But the primary reason for my deciding to attend your Mastermind has much to do with the attractive “social aspect.” Being a small (one-person) company, spending focused time with like-minded agents who are willing to openly share their information and experiences is downright exciting to me.”

BINGO! Feeling lonely and isolated takes its toll. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better reason to join us in Cancun than to “get away” for a few uninterrupted days to recharge and adjust the future direction of your travel company with other like-minded professionals.

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Think about it. In like fashion, it will soon be time for your clients and future prospects to realize that the best therapy for them, after being holed up at home for so many months, is to venture out and begin enjoying the beauty of our world once again. And yes, many people have forgotten what a beautiful planet we live on. If a number of wars couldn’t change that fact, neither will COVID-19.

I closed a recent article with the following sentence, and I will repeat myself today. THE GOOD OLE DAYS ARE STILL IN FRONT OF US.


P.S. – In the event you “might” want to learn more about our Mastermind Retreat, you can check things out at or, feel comfortable giving me a call. 848.702.1009


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Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.

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