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Underserved Niche Championed by Dina Farmer

As I interview travel professionals and persons in the travel industry, I find there are two camps for niching.

The first group plants a flag in the camp of, “choose a niche” you are passionate about, learn about it, visit it and then dominate you niche. The other camp says, “your niche finds you,” and often have incredible stories to back their claims. This is a story of the niche that found Dina Farmer.

Dina is an adventurer. Her world travels are exciting. Her past service to our country as a photographer in the United States Air Force is part of the tale. Falling in love with her husband, also USAF, is part of the tale. Marrying and having her beautiful children is where her niche emerges.

During Dina’s dream trip to Turkey she realized something was different about her eldest son. Sensory and environmental changes affected him more than she expected. Things were not going as planned. Something was different and, arriving home, Dina set out to make sense of it. After consulting her pediatrician, a diagnosis of autism allowed her to make sense her son’s behaviors.

When Dina decided to work professionally in travel, she knew what her niche would be, Special Needs Travel. Not long after that, Dina started her podcast. Originally titled The Lily and Magnolia Podcast, after her agency, it is now happily, The Special Needs Travel Podcast.

We are very proud to have the Special Needs Podcast as part of the Travmarket Media Network of podcasts. While the travel industry begins to implement features assisting persons with special needs, we want to highlight their efforts. Dina and the Special Needs Podcast are working hard to make travel agents aware of the offerings available to them. Glean tips from her experiences planning this niche of travel, and how you too could serve this community.

Dina always says, “Travel is for everyone.” We at Travmarket Media think so too. Please consider listening and learning along to Special Needs Travel Podcast (we recommend subscribing so you never miss an episode).

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Thank you for reading, and happy listening to the Travmarket Media Network of podcasts.


Megan is serving as Podcast Network Producer and Creative Director for the Travmarket Media Podcast Network. She is proud of the content being produced and the variety of podcasts included in the launch. Most importantly she is grateful to the brave podcasters that followed her into this adventure. Megan is also the host of Travel Radio Podcast, a member of the Travmarket Media Network.

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