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A Proven Success Formula: Day One


In cleaning out an office drawer last week, I came across an old business card of mine. It brought me back to the days when my slogan was TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Today.

On the back of this card were 16 reminders split into three categories. Starting today, and for the next two days, I will share my thoughts on each of these 16 reminders.

The first category was SALES:

Pick a Target

You are spinning your wheels if you are still depending on sales being a numbers game. List the names(s) of your would-be next clients, and then devise a plan to meet with them; talk with them; decide if you are in position to help them; help them.

Ask More Questions

Then, listen. You already know what you already know. You learn nothing new when all you hear is the sound of your own voice. Besides, most people like to hear the sound of their own voice. So, play their game. Get them talking. Then, and I am afraid this needs to be said, listen to what they are saying… and what they are not saying.

Be on Time

Then be brief. Sales people are usually pretty good at being on time. It is a sign of respect and genuine interest. But sales people are also pretty good at over-doing their stay. I will leave you with the sales professional’s mantra: BE BRIGHT; BE BRIEF; BE GONE.

Bring Something of Value to the Party

Don’t always show up to “get” something. Show up with something to give and leave behind, with no strings attached. That something can be a meaningful bit of pertinent information or a small, inexpensive memento of some type. Bottom line: Just like house parties, you would not dream of showing up empty handed.

Be the Exception

The world is filling up quickly with “me-too-only-better” people. They all look the same. They all sound the same. They all act the same. They all think the same… to a degree… if they think at all.


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The golden opportunity is NOW if you want to distance yourself from the competition. I can think of a hundred ways for you to do this, but I will leave you with just three to get you started.

  • Work on the sound and tone of your voice, so it seems like you are actually happy to hear from me.
  • Do what you say you will do without hesitation or bogus excuses. (I know how busy you are, and I really don’t care.)
  • When speaking with me, speak to me. I know how good you are at multitasking… and I really don’t care. When working with me, focus on me.


Tomorrow we will review six CUSTOMER SERVICE REMINDERS followed by MOTIVATION REMINDERS on day three.

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