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A Proven Success Formula: Day Three – Motivation

We have spoken about sales and customer service in days one and two of this three-part series. Today, MOTIVATION is our focal point.

As I warned you yesterday, what you are about to hear should not come as news to you, but I am betting you are not following through on these reminders. Please, prove me wrong.

Eat, rest, and exercise daily.

When push comes to shove, and all other things are equal, you are the differentiating factor when selecting a service provider. Don’t sell yourself short. You take better care of your pets and your motor vehicle than you do yourself. Get enough rest, watch your calorie consumption, and move to some degree every day.

Set and achieve goals.

This is another way of reminding you to have a target you can shoot at. The days pass too quickly, and David Cassidy’s last words hit the nail right on the head when he said, “Too much time was wasted.”  Pick a goal. Achieve that goal. Pick another goal.

Do your homework.

I think I said this yesterday: “CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND.” Louis Pasteur said it, Mike Marchev endorses it. Regardless of how many years you have been in the business, or how accomplished you may be, winners continue to practice their trade until they “hang up their spikes.” Another smart guy who escapes my mind at the moment said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Believe it.


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Celebrating achievements.

Take a lesson from our professional sports teams. They work hard all day with mostly nothing good happening. Then their skills pay off and they SCORE. And what happens next? They all jump on each other and beat the heck out their teammates in a quizzical form of celebration. But regardless of how you do it, or what you call it, when you achieve one of your goals, find the time (and make the time) to acknowledge your success. CELEBRATE.

Look for the fun.

I used to flash a slide at the beginning of my presentations of an older gentleman with the following quote: “I am not sure why we are here, but I am pretty sure it is not to enjoy ourselves.” Balderdash.

Call me a reality contrarian, but if it isn’t fun, I’m not sure I “want in.” I believe helping people is fun. I think taking an idea and seeing it through to a satisfactory ending is fun. I think making money is fun. I think it is okay to have fun.

I think the underlying reason you are not having more fun is that you do not fully appreciate how the game is played. Let me give you a hint and some advice: (1) You can’t win them all. (2) It is up to you to make your future a fun one.


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