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A Proven Success Formula: Day Two – Customer Service


Yesterday, we spoke about five sales reminders that will put you miles ahead of your competition. Today, customer service deserves our attention.

The first three reminders are borrowed directly from The Ritz Carlton’s famous reputation for superior customer service. Brace yourself for a blinding flash of the obvious.

Say hello with enthusiasm.

People Will often judge you by your first impression. And in most instances, the first impression has something to do with the sound of your voice. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to capitalize on this initial opportunity as best you can? Looking people in the eye and greeting them like you sincerely appreciate their presence will go a long way in getting a meaningful relationship started.

Anticipate the future.

This is an area where you can rise immediately, when compared to your competition. Thinking that they are better than they really are, they have a tendency to wing each situation as it arises. This truly is the span of an amateur.

If you have been in the business for even a short period of time, you’ve noticed that there are a few situations that arise repeatedly. By doing your homework before hand, and knowing how you will handle each problem as it surfaces, you will be silently showcasing your professionalism. I’m reminded of my often repeated quote by Louis Pasteur when he reminded us that, “Chance Favors The Prepared Mind.”

Say “good-bye” with sincerity.

Although first impressions may be important, it is my opinion that your last impression is the lasting impression. Do not miss this opportunity to cement the relationship based on genuine interest and caring. Be sure to bid your guests a fond farewell and mean every word of it.
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Say “thank you” and mean it.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot say ‘thank you’ often enough to the people who’ve made your business possible. Seek every opportunity to connect with your good clients and make sure that they know you have no intention of ever taking them for granted.

Be a lifeguard.

Not unlike lifeguards down at the beach, or fireman waiting for the bell to sound, you want to be considered the “go-to” resource when things are not running smoothly. Over the years, I have heard many travel agents complain when they are called upon in times of trouble. From today forward, I want you to relish the fact that you are the one called when professionalism is at its utmost importance.

Deliver… plus 1.

The term I use for this concept is Lagniappe, which I believe is a French term which translates to the cherry on top of the sundae. In other words, after your job has been completed, what else can you to “wow” your customer by doing the unexpected. It is doing the ‘what’s next,’ when the “next” is not expected. This is what will position you as somebody special.


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