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CroisiEurope’s Summer & Fall Success

We’re impressed that a few river cruise companies were able to operate during the summer and fall with few or no Covid cases. Last week AmaWaterways’ Kristin Karst told us that her company cruised without incident when it ended its season last month. Listen to our complete interview with Kristin in this podcast.

CroisiEurope, based in Strasbourg, France, operated from mid-July through October, and told us that they were the first to resume cruising on many of the rivers and seas where the company operates.

Astoundingly, at least from our perspective, CroisiEurope carried more than 11,000 guests on 152 cruises, mainly in France, with a handful of cruises on other rivers throughout Europe. Only one cruise out of those 152 reported a coronavirus incident. That was on the Douro in September when two French passengers and five crew members tested positive.


CroisiEurope operated barge and river cruises during the summer and fall of 2020, carrying more than 11,000 passengers on 152 cruises. This photo was from our October 2019 barge trip through Alsace.


Our hats go off to companies like AmaWaterways and CroisiEurope that continued to keep the flame burning during the dark days of the pandemic. Yes, we still have a dark period to navigate, but soon that little, mean-spirited bit of bad wrapped in a spiked protein that clings to and attacks lungs will be long gone in our collective wake.  We can’t wait for that day and for a time when it is safe for all of us to cruise the rivers of Europe once again.


This article was originally published at River Cruise Advisor.


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