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FCS: Three Letters To Help Run Your Business


During my daily walk, I often listen to audible books I have downloaded over the past few months. The most recent title I have been listening to is a book called Essentialism by author Greg McKeown. In a nutshell, this book reminds us to eliminate all but what is essential in our daily lives.

I’m not sure in what chapter I picked up the following three letter reminder, but it struck a chord with me and I thought I would share it with you today.

The letter F stands for the word Focus.” The author immediately brought up the topic of multitasking and, contrary to what I have been sharing with you over the years, he thought multitasking was indeed very possible. My definition of multitasking was “How to screw up many things at once.” Mr. McKeown reminded me that you could indeed do two things at once. For example, you can do the dishes while listening to the radio. You can sing a country song while mowing the lawn. But what you cannot do at the same time is focus on one thing. And there lies the rub.

Only by focusing on a single task can you do your best work. I’m reminded of an old Chinese proverb that reminds us “man who chases two rabbits catches none.”

The letter C stands for the word “Communication.” With so much noise and information bombarding us each and every day, from all corners and segments of the media spectrum, it is no wonder that we learn to tune-out and take shortcuts when it comes to delivering and receiving important information. My suggestion here is to follow Simon and Garfunkel’s sage advice when they reminded us to, “Slow down, you’re moving too fast. You’ve got to make the morning last.” (59th Street Bridge Song)


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Letter S stands for the word “Speed.” And it is here where I remind you that “he who hesitates is lost.” People are used to having things delivered now, rather than later, thanks to companies like FedEx and Amazon Prime. Striking while the iron is hot is my best suggestion to you, if you are sincerely interested in growing a profitable travel business. Ideas come and go in a New York minute. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” (I think you are getting the picture.)

I must counter, however, with a second point of view that reminds us that “haste makes waste.” So, balancing the two, speed and deliberation, appears to be the key to your survival.

So now you have three letters that will help you get through the day: F, C, and S.

They are easy to say. But they are harder to adopt as your ongoing personal strategy for survival.


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