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Fire up that Constant Contact, and let your clients dream this holiday

Business sucks. I get it. But the good news is we are all here and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We are all sick and tired of working from home, not seeing people on a regular basis and we are all sick and tired of not traveling as freely as before.  But you know what?  So are your clients and prospects. So, reach out!

Reach out to say hello. Reach out to commiserate. The key is to reach out, and the holidays are the perfect time.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that fancy hand written holiday cards are not in the budget this year; but, a single (or series) of messages are easily available through your broadcast email software.

It doesn’t matter who you use—Constant Contact, A Weber, Mail Chimp, Emma – just use it.  And if by some strange reason you don’t have an email service provider, get one. Most have a limited, free version.  So, what to say?

Wish them well and catch them up

As Mike Marchev says, let them know you are alive!  Say hello and catch them up with what has been happening and what you have been doing for the past ten months. Let them know you still exist. Have you double downed on training? Have you taken a FAM? Invested in some new technology? Shampooed the carpet?

Wish them and wish them a safe and happy holiday and relate to them. Explain how you know that travel is not on their minds right now, but ask to b remembered when it does come back.

Give them some useful information

Generally, your clients know what the news tells them. They know how many new COVID cases and how it is spreading and all that; but clue them in on how it relates to travel. How there are destinations that have successfully mitigated COVID (looking at you New Zealand). Steps the cruise lines are taking to make sure passengers can feel safe. Highlight the steps (and scaling back of amenities) that hotels and resorts have taken to increase guest safety. How will people travel on planes, trains, and automobiles (to reference a great Christmas movie) in a post COVID world. Let them know what to look for and the questions to ask of a travel provider to be sure the best practices are being followed.

Let them dream

Finally, let them dream a bit. Visions of sugarplums will be dancing in their heads this season; but there is no reason we cannot plant a seed about 2021. It does not matter how wealthy the prospect is, I can guarantee that everyone is looking to get out of their homes when they can safely do so.  It might be a weekend away in that cute little town 40 minutes away. It might be week on a beach in the Caribbean. Could be a cruise. Or for us lucky few, a multi-generational, family trip for a month in Europe complete with private jet service, six-star hotels, and daily guided tours in a top-of-the-line Rolls Royce. Hey, dream big.

But you get the idea. Re-introduce yourself. Give them something of value. And cast them off with a dream.  After all, that’s what we do. That’s what we’ve been doing for hundreds of years. Providing information and the ability for people to dream!


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