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How Is Your Quality Control?

Not unlike many of my messages, I want to feature a mistake I made yesterday in hopes that will help you avoid the future embarrassment, or worse.

I try earnestly to stay a few days ahead when submitting my articles to my editor at Travel Research Online, but sometimes the holidays and other last minute occurrences have me up against the eight ball.

It was Sunday night when I realized I did not have an article for Monday morning’s edition. I sprang to my laptop and begin documenting my thoughts as they entered my mind. All in all, I thought it was a pretty good last-minute piece. I hit the send button and for the next 24 hours I thought my life would be under control.

On Monday morning (following day) I read the published piece and spotted more than a few typos. I immediately made the corrections and resent it by 10 AM. I tried to salvage my non-professional behavior as best I could. It did not have to happen. If I had only taken the time to give my article a final once-over, I would’ve spotted the errors before they hit the Internet.


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In the order of disasters in the year 2020, I’m confident that my faux pas did not rate a position in the top 10. But my message to you remains the same: Start earlier, finish sooner. Give yourself the time to review your work. There are 1 million reasons why holding focus has become more difficult than ever. That being said, when you’re dealing with somebody’s vacation and are somewhat responsible for the money they spend, you cannot afford not to be on your game.

Sunday evening, I was not on my game. I hope it will serve as a catalyst for me to become a better writer in the months and years ahead.


Editor’s Note: The Editor would like to note that he shares responsibility for this faux pas as well. Though the article may have come in late and around the holidays, better quality control is going to be the name of the game from this point forward. Cheers.


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