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Is “Fine” Good Enough?


When asked for a “four-letter-word” that begins with the letter “f”, most responses would rhyme with luck, buck, duck and Chuck. I personally think this is one of the nastiest words used today, and it seems it is being uttered by more and more people daily. Quite honestly, I am appalled. If it were up to me I would ban this word from the dictionary permanently.

The four letter word I am talking about that begins with the letter “f” is… FINE.

“How are you feeling?” Fine.

“How was your salad?” Fine.

“How was your vacation?” Fine.

“How are your kids doing?” Fine.

“How was the service you received from your travel agent?” Fine.


Yuk! You can do a lot better than this. Fine, in all the examples above, implies… just okay – so-so – not bad – no complaints – it will do.

Right, wrong, good or bad, I have come to detest this word. I certainly do not want you to lie, but I just can’t live with the reply “fine.”


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If you are in control of the eventual outcome, you are in control of the response.

“Great; fantastic; incredible; super; second-to-none; simply wow; as good as it gets.”

Here is the secret that too many people have not come to grips with yet:

If you want to hear great, give great. If you want to hear fantastic, give fantastic. If you want to hear incredible, give incredible. If you to hear want super, give super. (Are getting the picture yet?)

The bad news is, and I am not apologizing for this, that from now on you will hear the word “fine” as it exits your mouth, and when you hear it said by others.

Although it may not be an official definition, one could say “fine” means “mediocre.”

And I think you will agree with me, you do not want to be known as mediocre. I know I don’t.

So, we have come to an understanding today. “Fine” is not good enough.


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