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Mediocrity Is Not a Good Thing


I was thinking about this word the other day (mediocrity) and, for reasons unknown to me, I connected it with the travel industry. Maybe it had something to do with a previous article I wrote focusing on doing things above and beyond that which is expected. I am sad to say that the “expected” does not involve more than simply showing up today. On the other hand, the “unexpected” demands attention, admiration, and a certain degree of creativity.

To borrow from a book titled with the same reminder, the secret is to Become The Exception. This, like all good advice and good intentions, is easier said than done. Allow me to fill in a few blanks.

me·di·o·cre   [mee-dee-oh-ker] adjective

  1. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.


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Rather than starting to defend yourself, let it suffice to say that “if” this is true – then service in America has become barely adequate. This implies that an enormous opportunity lies before you. If this shoe doesn’t fit, how about taking the synonym approach? Undistinguished, commonplace, pedestrian, everyday… run-of-the-mill. I don’t know about you, but none of these words float my boat.

Let’s look at the flipside… the opportunity. Antonyms include extraordinary, superior, uncommon, incomparable. Now you’re talking.

Thirty years ago, I seized an “opportunity” that was introduced to me and penned an easy-to-read book on the importance of becoming the exception. It was fun to write, and even more fun to read. The good news is that after 5000 copies sold, and nearly thirty years later, my messages still hold water. The information today is as relevant as it was back then.


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