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Some holiday thoughts about our travel business

It’s that time again!  Each year, I take a bit of a break for the final weeks of the year to push a virtual “reset” button.  And boy do we need a reset for 2020. Normally, I’d suggest that no one is thinking about travel leading into the holidays and business is slow until Wave Season. Normally, I’d suggest that you take advantage of the slow time to spend time with your family and rest up for a robust year. But…you are probably tired of your family at this point. And the start of 2021 does not look terribly robust. Right?

OK, snap out of it.  We’re still standing. And this is what we do best. We have been written off more times than I can count; yet we always come back strong, and often stronger than before.  And I truly believe that this may be one of those times.

When commissions are slashed, it only impacts us. When the UK went through their Mad Cow thing, it impacted a small percentage of people traveling. Even SARS or some of the wars have had a limited impact on travelers. Perhaps September 11th was close to what we have today.

People did not travel for several weeks in 2001. In 2020 it looks like it is going to be close to a year.  The travel market is one big bottle of capped Coke with a stack of Mentos in there just waiting to blow. The pent-up demand will be like nothing we have experienced. I am sure of it. So, as we roll through a difficult holiday season, I offer the following.

Relax a lot.  It’s been a stressful year. Take time for yourself. Walk, run, sail, hike, hang glide, surf, or do whatever makes you at peace. If possible, try to forget about the office and the job. Put on an auto-responder letting your clients know that you will be tough to access for a few weeks (of course give them an emergency way to reach you). And yes, spend time with your family. When the day is done, family is all that matters.

And with that, I will wish you all a somewhat belated Hannukah, a pre-emptive Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa. And what the heck, Happy Festivus and Happy New Year too!

I am looking forward to 2021 and putting 2020 in my rear-view mirror and working on rebuilding my business even stronger.  Won’t you join me!

Happy holidays–


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