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The Power of the Phone Call


Something happened this week during my Inner Circle Sales and Marketing Meeting that I wanted to share with you today. It was simple, yet profound. And it just may be an example of the most underutilized marketing tactic used today, with any degree of effectiveness.

I was sharing my experience of placing a cold call to a highly recognized and respected person I wanted to meet, after years of just “thinking about it.” One day, I picked up the phone and made the call. I asked for a lunch date, and was genuinely surprised when the person agreed to meet with me. That person was Vicki Freed from Royal Caribbean.

After sharing the sequence of events at my meeting, a number of travel agents chimed in and began to mention how much they enjoy listening to Vicki’s weekly podcast. I recognized this as an opportunity, so I contacted Vicki to share the positive kudos she was receiving from my group.

Immediately following the meeting I sent an email asking Vicki to call me, since I wanted to share something I thought she would like to hear. (The hook) Within 20 minutes my phone rang and it was Vicki on the line.

She was genuinely flattered when I shared all the positive comments I had received earlier in the day. I then had an idea. I asked Vicki if she could find a few minutes to email a few of my participants to personally acknowledge their thoughtful remarks.

Here is where today’s lesson kicks in. Vicki immediately said, “Why don’t I give them a call on the phone instead of just emailing them?” WOW! I thought this was and incredible gesture ranking high above and beyond my expectations.


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So, as not to abuse the offer, I sent Vicki just a handful of names and she indeed made the calls. Each of the recipients we’re surprised and amazed Vicki had taken the time to call them personally. (No wonder Vicki is as successful as she is and well thought of throughout the industry.)

Each one of you reading this article today has both the opportunity and the capability to brighten your client’s day with a quick phone call. Like most people, you probably feel that this simple gesture does not have any significant meaning. I am telling you it does.

Take the time, and make the time, to call up your good clients and prospects to thank them for giving you the opportunity to work with them. Just a few phone calls a week will work wonders for your reputation. (I am afraid most of you reading this article will agree with me, but will not take any proactive action.)

I can only hope that you will swallow your fears and give this idea a shot. I am confident that you will thank me for it. Do Not Minimize The Power of The Phone Call.


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