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Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to this behavior:

  • I would’ve done it if I had more money.
  • I could’ve tried if I had more time.
  • I should’ve called them but …

This happens more often than not, when you get an idea and fail to act on it. This simply does not have to happen.

Once you have an idea for a notion to do something, do it. Don’t think it to death. And don’t procrastinate until you forget what it is you were going to try.

I have always said that one of the most powerful words in the English language is the word “Idea.” Ideas are good things. Ideas are exciting things. Ideas are intriguing things. Ideas are fun to have and fun to try. People like to hear about ideas. My advice to you is to conjure up more ideas, and then act on them.

Not all ideas work. Most ideas won’t work. As a matter of fact, most ideas don’t even leave the new idea launching pad.

This year…


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Work on generating more ideas. Then share them with your prospects and customers. In other words, I want you to propose a few action thoughts with people you wouldn’t mind doing business with.

”Blow their ear.” Say something to them that might even lead them to having an idea or two of their own. (Heaven forbid!)

Be careful though. This will soon become an addictive habit. You will soon be having so much fun that you will be making this a way of life… a regular thing.

Once you begin acting on your ideas you will eliminate the words would’ve, could’ve should’ve from your vocabulary.

Happy New Year. And here is a better IDEA.

Make it a happier New Year.


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