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How to Create Video Content – Lickity Split!


Back when I first started shooting video, I used to stare at the keyboard (procrastinating). I’d then search online for what other people were doing (time-suck). And then, I left my desk to get glammed up thinking inspiration would come to me from my make-up bag! (NOT!)

After 40 minutes, I still had nothing anywhere close to video content. Nada! Zilch!

Does that sound familiar?

The other day a travel pro asked me, “Why even bother shooting video… it takes so much time! Who’s watching travel & tourism videos now anyway?”

That got me into research mode, and here’s what I found. In their 2020 report, Wyzowl found:

Ok, so if you’re like me, you’d love to see increased lead gen, traffic, and sales—right!

Here’s what’s helping me to create video content more quickly and effectively.

First, I start by asking myself a couple of questions to narrow my focus during the planning process. My process focuses on the 3-W’s—Who, Where, and What.

Video Creative Planning Process

  • Who’s the audience?
    • Create an avatar highlighting the demographics, interests, and travel style of the perfect client you hope watches your video.
  • Where will you post/use it?
    • Social posts
    • Social ads
    • Website
    • Consumer event, on-line or off-line
    • Live stream broadcast
    • PRO TIP: Fit the video time and style to meet the criteria of the platform where it will be used.
  • What’s the key takeaway?
    • What do you want the viewer to do with the info?
    • How do you want the viewer to feel during, and after, watching?
    • What’s the one nugget you want them to share with their friends?

Video Content Planning Process

Once you’ve gotten the creative ‘who, where, and what’ in mind, it’s time to get to work on planning your content. For many savvy marketers, this is the hardest part. Yet, for those who have a clear definition of their audience, this is super easy!

Each week I plan, create, and produce 2-3 videos. Here’s the content process I’ve been using and tweaking over the years.

  • Attention-grabbing Opening
    • A question is always a powerful opener
    • A statistic that’s alarming and/or supports your point is an equally good choice
  • Examples of How Your Content Applies to the Audience
    • People love to hear stories
  • Graphics/Screenshare That Support Your Content
  • Branding Opportunities
    • Add your contact info at the end
    • Include your logo and name in the bottom-third of the video
    • Use a custom background or green screen options that support your topic
    • Stage your set-up to include props or branding
  • CTA – Call to Action
    • During the creative planning process, you already planned out what you want viewers to do after watching your video, now ask them to do it.
    • Keep the call to action clear and concise. For example:
      • Download your travel guide now.”
      • Let’s connect and plan your next getaway.”
      • Pop your answer to my poll question in the comments section.”
      • Join our live-stream on _____.”
    • Close off your video on a high note that leaves them looking forward to seeing the next video episode.

Pro Tip: To be honest, many times I write the content first—then the opening! Sometimes it’s easier to nail the opening once all the other bits are in place and the path is laid out.

Now that you have a roadmap to plan and create your next video, what happens after that?

Earning Eyeballs!

Video Marketing Process

In the Planning Process, we talked about a couple of places to use the video. This helped solidify the video length and mechanics of production.

Now, let’s take this a step further and look at more specific places to use video that will help increase your viewership and SEO.

  1. Add video to your website; welcome page, about page, and specific content pages
  2. Social ads. Right now video ads are favored by social algorithms. This means you’ll get the most bang for your buck!
    1. Be sure to check the time allowed for videos on each platform. For example, video posted to Twitter can only be 2 minutes or less.
    2. Optimize the delivery of ads, so as to maximize your ad budget.
  3. The biggest video trend for 2021 is live streaming video broadcasts! This is so popular now, not only because people are looking for more meaningful connections during COVID, but they want to know and understand who they buy from. In the past, potential clients may have connected with you at a travel show, consumer event, or industry conference. These days, those opportunities are mainly virtual. So what’s the fix; live stream video!
    1. You don’t have to go down this road alone. Team up with a guest and go live together.
  4. Earning more eyeballs on your video is also possible when you embed the video into your newsletter. Check out these advanced tips as well.
  5. Creating stronger relationships is the workhorse of video. Using video in your lead magnet starts those relationships off at a galloping pace. Here’s how to promote your lead magnet quickly.

The bottom line is this: When it’s time to see increased lead gen, traffic, and sales, fire up your webcam and put these action steps into play.

Creating video and using it strategically can be daunting! But remember, much of the knowledge you have about destinations, styles of travel, and travel tips can easily be turned into video! You don’t have to start at square one. You simply have to start! Today!



Catherine Heeg, International speaker & trainer, focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Connect with her at and socially.

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