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The Four D’s Responsible for Your Success

The swimming pool in my condominium complex has reopened again with certain restrictions pertaining to social distancing. I slip into the water by 9 am every morning and, with one exception, have the pool to myself. My swimming buddy is Frankie “Cheech,” who spends the summer months in New Jersey. (Maybe that is why we understand each other so well while sharing a similar sense of humor.)

The other day Frankie called my attention to four words he learned while in the service. (Rest easy. They are acceptable in social settings.) We have come to refer to these words as the “Four D’s.” I have positioned them as my guiding reminders. They keep me on track, and help me stay focused while I train for an upcoming event. (I’m preparing my aging body for an Ironman 70.3 Triathlon in May.)

The Four D’s Are: Desire, Determination, Dedication, & Discipline. I have imbued these four words in my brain, and recall them when I find myself seeking permission to take shortcuts in my training.

I think these four words may pertain to your personal quest, as you strive to build and maintain a thriving travel business. Let’s break them down.


The dictionary defines desire as “wanting, wishing, craving and yearning.” This is where it begins, but by no means does it end here. Knowing what it is you want to accomplish is key. It is an important first step. But “talk is cheap.” We have to make our dreams happen. You want a profitable company filled with appreciative clients.


In another words… willpower. To accomplish anything worthwhile, we need to introduce commitment to the equation. Grit, purpose, fortitude, and resolve are what serves as a guiding light toward the fulfillment of our dream. Nothing can get in your way. Nothing will stop you from serving your niche.


I am not suggesting that you become a “one trick pony.” I am saying that “focus” and “single-minded” dedication will be what gets you to where you want to go. With the proper mindset, the challenges you will soon be facing will be nothing but small speed bumps. They may slow down a bit, but you will never have to stop. Keeping your eye on the target, while deploying tunnel-vision, is your strong suit.


This is the glue that holds your dream together. You have heard me say repeatedly “the mind quits first.” There will be times when you will want to quit. You will find yourself questioning your chosen path. You will speak negatively to yourself and, worse yet, you will start listening to these negative thoughts. Even worse, you may even start believing what you are hearing. Don’t do it. You mustn’t do it. You can’t allow your own negative self-talk to sabotage your future accomplishments.


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Whether you like it or not, whether you feel like it or not, whether your efforts are lacking any sign of accomplishment, you must remember that you are “driving the bus.” You are at the controls of your destiny. And, as mystical as it may sound, your body will always follow your head. You do things you do because it is time to do them.

You might want to do what I did to make sure the Four D’s are not forgotten: Print them out on a small card and keep it in your wallet. Tape it on your bathroom mirror. Position it on your car’s dashboard.



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