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When the Light Finally Turns Green, Will You Be Ready?

The seed for today’s article was planted by Royal Caribbean’s Vicki Freed during a recent interview at an Inner Circle Sales Meeting. Vicki reminded us that we were all still being held up waiting for the light to turn green. She was referring to the moment people will begin traveling again.

Naturally, this thought got me thinking of an analogy I could share with you this week. I think I have one you can identify with.



We have all found ourselves positioned behind a car at a red light, waiting for the light to change. When the light finally turns green, more often than not, the driver in the car in front of us is either preoccupied finishing a text message or wrapping up an “Important” phone call (or perhaps just dreaming about the weekend.). The bottom line is that the light has turned green, and there is no forward motion. In Florida, this is an invitation to offer a wake-up call by sitting on one’s horn. (Nasty! A toot will do.)

A second example features the “creeper.” With years of driving experience under their belt, the driver held up at a light has managed to fine-tune his/her inner clock and has developed a gut feel for when the light is about to change in their favor. Moments before the light changes, you see their wheels beginning to nudge forward. They are “anticipating” forward progress and introducing a little momentum to overcome this temporary inertia. They will soon be off and running when the light shows green.

Here is today’s connection as it relates to you and your business.


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We have all been stopped in our tracks through no fault of our own. Covid-19 has punched us all in the gut, and we find ourselves stalled and waiting for a sign to once again begin our forward motion. The problem is that many of you reading today’s article have become bored and have become preoccupied with meaningless activities at the expense of preparing properly for the signal to “go.” When Covid-19 becomes a thing of the past, you will be caught with your hands off the wheel and your foot still on the break pedal.

I’d like to think you resemble the “creeper.” Through your experience and confidence level, you will sense that soon you will be rolling again. (Images of a race car driver come to mind, as they prepare to put the pedal to the metal. Hands at ten and two. Eyes straight ahead. Foot ready to swing from brake to gas. Car in the right gear.) The driver is focused, practiced, prepped, and prepared to react instantly when they see “green.”

My question to you today is, “will you be ready when people begin to travel again, or will you be too busy doing whatever you are doing to kill time or get you through the day?”

We may be still waiting at a red light but, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, we will all be given the green light soon–and we will once again be on our way.

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