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Four Things You MUST Consider Before Sending Your Next Email

No surprises here. I am a HUGE fan of email marketing. I love that it is a more personal and intimate platform than social media. I love that clients and prospects have skin in the game by actually asking to receive it.  I love the ROI—the latest numbers suggest you can make $38 for every dollar spent! And I love that the sandbox is mine, and mine alone. I do not need to worry about Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey making some asinine decision determining who sees my message and who doesn’t.  But, to be effective, you need to be careful. Here are three considerations you must think about before hitting that send button.


Why are you sending this e-mail? This is a question you need to ask yourself before you send every broadcast. Are you looking to share a special promotion? Are you looking to update on policies? Is there some new, breaking COVID travel related news you want to share?

And once that is determined, make sure that is the main focus of the newsletter. Are you moving? That must be the focus along with your new contact information if different. Bu understanding the purpose, you prevent it from becoming some random (and oft deleted) email message from a mailing list.


I have heard that aside from the big-wigs, the highest paid employees at Cosmopolitan magazine are the headline writers. Think about it. What will compel you to buy that magazine?

21 mind blowing sex moves you’ve never tried before.

It’s a legit Cosmo headline, and it got my attention—and no, I am not providing a link. But, the headline is the sizzle that sells the magazine at the checkout counter; and your subject link needs to be the sizzle that makes your clients open the email.

Take time. Be thoughtful. The subject line is all-important for you.

And just a tip—numbers work wonders. 21 mind blowing tips, four things you must consider, top ten places…you get the idea.  For right now, I might consider something COVID related.

12 safe places to explore when we can fly again

One final note on subject lines—keep them under 55 characters to they fully display in all email readers.


And of course, the call to action. No email is complete without one. Yours may be to have them click on another article you wrote, or to update their profile, take a poll (a great tool), or even to make a purchase or express an interest in purchasing.

But never assume a client or prospect will know what you want them to do. Tell them. In simple words.

  • Please click here and let me know what you think
  • To make sure you are getting up to date information, please update your profile
  • Spots are selling out fast, reserve yours now with no obligation

You get the idea.


I am guilty of being able to write and talk forever. When that happens, people will tune me out until I am reined back in and apologize.

Sometimes it is difficult, but as few sentences and words as needed to get the message through. Understand that while the subscriber wants to hear what you say, they may only have two minutes to hear it. Be mindful of their time. Give them the message and let them get on with heeding your CTA or the other pressing issues in their life.

E-mails are compelling if used correctly. Just remember, have a purpose, write a killer subject line, have a clear call to action and keep it short.

Now about those 21 moves….




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