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Respect, converse, and preach. Three winning strategies for successful email marketing

We all get a ton of emails every day. Some are urgent and need attention. Others….not so much. I am on several hundred lists and to be honest the majority of them are deleted directly from my inbox.  Some catch my attention because of a great subject line or introductory paragraph. And others are emails I actually enjoy getting.  And today, I want to discuss why I enjoy them. It can be boiled down into a single word.


Not Aretha Franklin “Respect”, but do give that a listen, it will always put a smile on your face.

But respect for the recipient. And here’s how the best email marketers earn mine.

They actually respect me

They speak to me as a friend, not as a sales target. Sure, the goal is to sell me; but maybe not right now.  Play your cards right and treat me with that respect I need and you can be sure I am coming to you when I am looking to buy.

The tone of their emails seems to understand that they are writing to me, a real-live person. They understand that I have problems and concerns. They can sympathize. They can share some of theirs.

They converse with me

Assuming there is respect and we are “friends”, talk to me like a friend. We all have busy lives, but when we get together over a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop (anyone remember what that was like?) we don’t usually unload about the carpool line, the price of eggs, the problems in a relationship, the money issues, and how you’ve packed on the pounds. The conversation may be one or two of them and more nuanced.

In an email, unless there is a specific section for it, stick to one or two topics. If you are talking about COVID testing, stick to that and avoid the new gizmos the hotel industry is using to purify the air.   Too much is…well, too much.

I have a real friend who constantly unloads on me about every single thing and despite having an agenda when we get together, I always end up walking out asking myself “what the heck was that all about and what did she say?”  Don’t be that kind of emailer.

They let me know they are the expert

In the end, I signed up for this email for a reason. I like you. I admire your knowledge. You would not stop hassling me (just kidding). So, never be afraid to allow your experience and expertise to shine. It does not need to be in a braggadocio’s way, but make sure it is emphasized. Were you just on a Zoom call with some experts that your client would not have access to? Did you just receive an alert from the US Department of State?  Did the BDM of your preferred cruise line just let you know when they would be resuming sailing from a particular port?

These are the reasons people come to you. You have an expertise that I want to tap into.  So, tap away. And remember, it can be subtle as well.  An “established in” date or industry certifications on your signature are perfect ways to reinforce the decision made to offer an email address.

With email marketing, subtlety is the key.  If used effectively, it’s one that will open many doors!  What are your thoughts?  Do you have any winning strategies to share?

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