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Who Remembers the E-Ticket?

While you are reading today’s article, I am sitting in a Mastermind Meeting (Session Two) in Cancun, Mexico at the Grand Hotel at Moon Palace. This meeting has been on the books for over a year and has been canceled twice since Covid-19 raised its ugly head. Originally scheduled for Jamaica, we decided to hold it in Mexico for logistics’ sake.

It came as no surprise that many people thought a trip to Mexico was less than intelligent. While never underestimating the severity of this pandemic, I have always endorsed the notion that “A ship is safe in a harbor… but that is not what ships are built for.” The pieces are slowly coming together, and perhaps it is time that we begin thinking about getting out.



For me… for us… it was time to venture out and begin traveling again. Not without precautions. Not without mask protection. Not without social distancing. Not without showing respect for others.

At the half-way point of our Mastermind Retreat, we consider the first session to have been a success in every way. Southwest Airlines (my carrier) took the proper measures to ensure the safety of their passengers. The staff at The Grand could not be any more professional, friendly, helpful, and safety conscious.

Every guest here is playing by the rules. Individual tables have been set up for each individual meeting participant with ample spacing between each seat (8-10 feet). The hotel has established a systematic Covid-19 testing procedure that adheres to CDC requirements for re-entry to the United States.

In short, we are eager and ready for group #2, which is scheduled to arrive later today.


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Why am I telling you this? The world has been hit with a tremendous jolt for the past year, but continues to spin. With the introduction of three vaccines (as of this writing), we are growing more confident that soon we will be looking back at this ugly sickness. People, at their own pace, will soon be returning to “their” lives as they once knew them. (Perhaps with a slightly different mindset.) Some people will take longer than others to readjust, but that is okay. I am ready to start moving again, and this trip to Mexico has proved to me that I have not made a foolish decision.

Stuart Cohen, myself, and 22 professional travel entrepreneurs are beginning to climb back. In a sense, we are leading the way back to living our lives as we envision them to be. And we are here to help others do the same.

I am not suggesting that the light has turned green and that it is full speed ahead. Far from it. It is not yet safe to “cast our fates to the wind.” I am offering, based on my current experiences, that the time is coming to get out and begin breathing some fresh air again.

The world will continue to spin with or without our approval. I am inviting you to consider jumping back on the carousel as soon as you are ready and join me in enjoying the only ride of your life.

You are currently holding an “E-Ticket.” My question to you: What are you planning to do with it?


NOTE: Today’s reference to the E-Ticket might bring you back to the Disney Booklet System, where you had A, B, C, D and E coupons to enter rides and exhibits based on their considered value. The higher the letter, the more attractive the experience.


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