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3 Steps to Avoid Losing your Facebook Analytics Data

Three months and counting… that’s all the time you have left to grab your data from your Facebook Analytics account! Facebook is eliminating this tool!

Yikes! This announcement from Facebook comes as a surprise to most marketers. More surprisingly, there is no solid reasoning or explanation from Facebook. What’s the fix? Tune in to the video for more details and work-arounds.


What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics is the tool marketers use to connect data from a Facebook page with data from the Facebook pixel. “When the data is connected, Analytics can show a conversion path between a customer engaging with a business’s content and eventually making a purchase off of Facebook.” (source)

If you don’t have your pixel set-up yet, now’s the time to do this, so you can begin tracking your data. Here’s a guide to create your pixel and add it to your website. Ace this and you’ll be one step closer to creating highly targeted ad audiences.

Study and Save these Analytics

One of the most useful tools in your Facebook Analytics account may be the heat map of the hours your fans are active. Understanding this data now will help you launch your future ads, videos, and lead magnets at the time they’ll have the most impact.

Here’s the thing: with the upheaval of the pandemic, you’ll want to study the analytics in a variety of time frames. By switching the time frame of the report, you can focus on the entire year or even smaller segments of time. Thirty, 60, 90 daysas well as custom reports can be found.

The screen shots below show an example of what you’ll find in your own Analytics section. You’ll notice the darker squares that indicate higher usage. In my own account (screen shots below), I’ve noticed changes between the 12 month usage and the April, 2021 usage.

As you access this information in your own account, you’ll likely notice the changes in your own fan activities at different pandemic stages. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to more effectively plan the launch of your next campaign.






Access the Analytics

Even if you’re a savvy Facebook marketer, it may be challenging to access this information.

Navigation: Your own Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager > 9 dots > scroll to Analytics. (screen shots below)



Choose 'Analytics' from the drop down menu


Other Analytics Options

While this handy tool is disappearing in the Facebook eco-system, you’ll still be able to learn about your page usage in your own Google Analytics account. To get an overview of your web and social site usage, navigate to your own Google Analytics account that’s tied to your website and check out the charts in the ‘Acquisition’ tab, and also dive into the weeds in the ‘Social’ tab. Explore the valuable data in Google Analytics with these tips.

In the video, there are 2 other suggestions for analytics tools to replace Facebook Analytics. These tools offer both free and paid versions.

While this useful Facebook tool is disappearing, there are other ways to access the same information so that you can understand your fans betterand plan for the tidal wave of business that’s looming large in our future.


Catherine Heeg, International speaker & trainer, focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Connect with her at www.cmsspeaking.com and socially.

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