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It’s Not Over Until Your “Good-Bye” Is Said With Sincerity

This week’s message is important, and I hope those reading it will pause long enough to internalize the unparalleled benefits from doing this right.

I am currently experiencing bi-weekly physical therapy for a calf muscle that refuses to cooperate as it should, when preparing for a 13.1 mile run. This is the third element of the 70.3 mile Ironman competition I have been preparing for what seems like ages. Race day is a mere 17 days away, and I am beginning to question my sanity. But I digress.

Yesterday, while the PT woman was working on my calf, I found myself listening to the other patients in the room as they twisted and turned through their regimens. Although I am no spring chicken myself, most of these people had a few years on me.



Professionals in the room are all good at what they do. They are all kind and gentle while working through your pain or discomfort. They all seem to care while they ask you questions pertaining to your comfort. I like them.

As one particular old dear was finishing her exercises, it was noticeable that she was seeking a pat on the back and an acknowledgement for the progress she had been exhibiting prior to her heading to the parking lot. That is when it hit me.

These women in their medical garb reminded me of many “professional” salespeople I have come across in the past 40 years. They were talking a good game and earning respect along the way, before blowing it all to smithereens at “good-bye.”

I can’t stress the importance of your “good-bye” enough. One of the absolute best customer service organizations in the world says it in Point #3 of their 3-Part Customer Service Motto: “Say good-bye with sincerity.”


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For those of you who are into sports, I will once again call your attention to a popular Yogi-ism.

“It ain’t over til its over.” And your conversation, involvement, relationship, communication, and/or encounter is not over until you say “good-bye” with sincerity.

I watched the woman leave the room in silence. To me, it was a deafening silence. To me, it was another blown opportunity to cement the relationship for the good resulting in all sorts of good feelings and perhaps a few referrals down the road.

The sad part is that these women continue to feel they are the best in the business, and that their way of doing business is exemplary. The truth is that with a little more effort in “dotting their i’s” they would prove to the population that they were working with the best.

A few years ago, I would have sent a copy of this article to these PTers – in hope it would somehow improve their professionalism. Not anymore. I am afraid they are on their own, and left to their weather-worn excuse of how they are too busy to spend any time on anything other than ankle and elbow-related topics.

This is yet another example of how good can become better with very little effort. (And better can become best.)

While I have you, I will fill in the Ritz Carlton’s other two blanks.

  1. Say “hello” with sincerity.
  2. Anticipate what can go wrong.
  3. Say “good-bye” with sincerity.

My calf is feeling much better with sincere kudos directed toward my PT practitioners. I still like these women; but, I only wish they could attend one of my customer service workshops.

As for you, my readers, please do not underestimate the importance of following through on all your communications with a sincere “good-bye.”

With that I will say “thank-you” for reading my Monday Mo-Jo column, and I cordially invite you to email me with your ideas, opinions, thoughts and recommendations as they pertain to future subject matter and article subject matter.


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