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Talk Is Cheap!

I recently asked my friend Stuart Cohen to write the Foreword to my new book titled 100 bedtime stories for travel professionals. In addition to a few kind remarks, Stuart called the reader’s attention to the fact that there is not a shortage of self-proclaimed specialists spewing information whether valid or not. This thought got me to thinking of just how valuable my personal opinion is.

For some reason that remains unclear to me, the letters LEA flashed across my mind. These letters stand for listen, evaluate, and act.



You don’t have to take my word for this but, if you start paying attention to just how your Communications unfold, you will see how most people wait patiently for their turn to speak. In many cases, now that I think of it, the majority of people do not wait patiently. They just wait for a pause where they can immediately jump in with their own sentiments on the subject.

How refreshing is it when you realize that somebody is actually listening to your point of view? Therefore, what I’d like to recommend today is that you come to terms with the idea that nobody really cares about what you think. They care about what they think, and they truly appreciate the person who actually appears to be listening to them.

It should now become obvious that my suggestion to you today is to begin listening more often—before the second letter “E” comes into play. “E” stands for evaluate.


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With the current trend of content marketing running rampant, I want to flash back to Stuart’s reminder that there’s not a shortage of gurus today. It is important you don’t become spoon-fed with the new “flavor-of-the week.” Although much of the information you hear is valid in and of itself, it may not pertain to your specific situation.

Yes, I am suggesting that you listen to new input but not to run off half-cocked and adopt everything you hear as gospel. I would like to see you evaluate the ideas, recommendations and suggestions from others before deciding for yourself if it fits your time constraints, budgetary allowances, and your individual personality.

The final letter (letter “A”) stands for act or, perhaps more accurate, action. You can listen until you are blue in the face, and evaluate each and every nuance as it comes down the road; but, if you fail to do anything with this new information it will all be for naught.

The reason why most people fail to act has to do with fear of doing it wrong… or failing at it all together. Anybody who has been following me over the years knows that I endorse failure as the fastest route to success. “Fail faster” has been my operative motto for many years.

So, I will close today’s article with a reminder to listen more, evaluate what is being shared before deciding if this new information is something you can use to your benefit, and only then can you swing into action accordingly.

L-E-A. Three letters worth thinking about this week.


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