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Times Square and Beyond

As the vaccine rollouts increase, destinations are beginning to plan the grand opening of travel once again. The excitement is palpable, an electrical current moving along that has started the idea of planning getaways and seeing the world. It is guaranteed New York City, one of the most popular cities in the world, will be on the traveler’s list. And this is where Beyond Times Square comes to the rescue.


empty Times Square amid Coronavirus(Covid-19) Pandemic.


New York-based, Beyond Times Square is a versatile destination management company. Regardless of the type of traveler, BTSQ’s expertly planned itineraries serve both high-end travelers and those looking for a value. Seasoned, local experts strive to give the traveler the best tailor-made travel experiences possible. This can include hidden gems such as backstage at a Broadway show or cooking with a celebrity chef, as well as touring a museum before opening or a secret picnic on the rooftop of Rockefeller Center, and much more. This along with the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and other classic NYC sights—including holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas time when the seasons are celebrated with spirit.


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Of course, NYC isn’t the only destination that Beyond Times Square can show travelers the perfect experience. Other cities include Washington, DC; Boston, Philadelphia, and even Niagara Falls. D.C. tours will take the traveler around monuments by night, a stroll around the National Mall, or a tour of the African American Heritage of D.C. Boston offerings can include a Historic Pub Crawl tour, other historic American sites, and even the relaxed atmostphere of Martha’s Vineyard. Add in more historic sites and fun in Philadelphia, with some sightseeing of Niagara Falls, and you’ve got a wide spectrum of destinations and tours to choose from. Though, these are only a small selection of the choices available to customize an experience of these fantastic locations.

Comfort is forefront with Beyond Times Square, and the individually curated experiences range with each traveler’s needs. Student and Adult group travel, to private luxury tours, they are ready to create a meaningful itinerary. With a penchant for high quality in their employees, a value they hold in close regard, it isn’t hard to see how they accomplish the goal of treating the traveler right… not only Beyond Times Square, but beyond expectation.


For more information about Beyond Times Square visit their website, or download a brochure at BTSQ Thanksgiving Brochure 2021

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