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​Ten Sure Ways to Increase Your Selling Impact

When I set out on the journey of self-employment nearly 40 years ago, I had my first brochure professionally produced. I planned to include the piece in all of my future sales letters. I recently found an original copy, and see that my tips are just as meaningful today. Here they are verbatim for you to internalize.



1. What’s in it for me?

The message you transmit in any medium—from a simple flyer to a face-to-face selling presentation—should always answer the three questions foremost in your public’s mind: What’s in it for me? Why should I be interested? Why should I respond?

Don’t look for buyers who match your message. Change your message to match your prospect’s interest.

2. People don’t buy products/services. They buy solutions.

Never show and tell about your product/services and ask people to buy. First learn about your prospect’s business, problems, goals, hopes, and dreams. Then present your services in a way that explains how, and why, they fulfill prospect’s needs.

3. Selling marketing myopia.

Strict concern with converting your services into cash is shortsighted. That may get you buyers, but not customers. Instead of tricks and techniques to get people to part with their money, stress values of exchange… by demonstrating how, and why, the things that a buyer gets for their dollars will improve their life and will satisfy their needs.

4. Aim for the heart.

Find the window to your prospect’s emotions. Sales communications do not work unless they first tap inner desires. Then the mind—and buying action—will follow. Learn to sense what’s in your prospect’s heart. Then connect your message to it.

5. Unwanted messages are noise.

Be certain your prospects and customers are fully prepared for your message. Pre-focused audiences are ready to hear your message and respond to it. Unfocused audiences are like talking to a wall.

6. What are your customers really buying?

What business are you really in? What you’re selling may not be what your customers are buying. Not a car, but pride of ownership. Not cosmetics, but improved social life. Not quarter inch drills, but quarter inch holes. Sell the expected value and benefits of your product/services, not your products/services.


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7. Selling is serving.

Don’t merely say and show things that sell. Instead, say and show things that help people buy. Don’t try to get people to do what you want them to do. Instead, help them see and understand what they want to do. Then show how your products/services help them do it. That’s service that your customers can perceive as helpful. Take good care of your customers. Word gets around.

8. Urgency.

Never neglect to tell prospects what they will miss, if they don’t buy now. Don’t merely tell them the benefits of prompt action. (On the other hand, learn to recognize when it’s the wrong time to try for a close—when it’s wiser to show the seeds for a future closing.)

9. The force behind your salesforce.

Are your messages designed to build your internal and external image as well as sales? Looking and sounding important is important. It helps open more doors. It builds and strengthens your organization’s foundation. Your salespeople (and all employees) will give your company the same importance you give it. They will see and talk about it the same way you see and talk about it. And so will your customers.

10. Good communication is good business.

Is the right message getting through to your customers and employees in the right way? Are you using the right media? You have many options to choose from. Make communications an interval part of your business strategy—part of your overall management plan. Because management is communications. Like sales, good management is always the result of good communications. And, although everybody is in the business of communication, good communication doesn’t happen automatically. – The end –

I am reminded of the phrase “what goes around comes around.” These ten reminders do not have a shelf life. Read them. Think about them. Internalize them. Benefit from them.


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