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I Don’t Like Everybody

When I mention this in my live programs, I usually get more than a few giggles in disbelief. I then tell the audience: “I mean it. I don’t like a lot of people. Who said that I have to ‘like’ everybody? The word ‘people’ is too general for me to rubber-stamp my affection toward anybody and everybody who can fog a mirror.”

Like in my live programs, I think it is time to hear my rationale.

The secret is not to like everybody, but to like the people you like. And then, be willing and eager to do everything within your power to service these people. No rules. No exceptions. No excuses. Not when you just feel like it. All the time.



There is a key caveat here. You can’t be “Super-Person” to everybody. You must be disciplined and, yes, selective with your attention.

Come on. Let’s be candid. Many of you dislike many (some) of your customers. I know it, and you know it. These feelings are counterproductive. How can you “WOW” people with great service, if your stomach turns in knots when you learn they are on the phone? Your normal response may sound like, “What do they want now?” This is not a healthy response to a wallet-carrying client who has far too many options available to them when it comes to purchasing travel-related services. Trust me. They can feel the “disjoint.”


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On the other hand, when your favorite client calls, you jump through the hoop fast enough to determine what “magic” you can introduce to the already healthy relationship.

Don’t put words in my mouth. I am not suggesting you become arrogant, boorish, or just plain foolish. I am suggesting (and highly recommending) that you spend more of your time seeking more people who grab and hold your interest. More “good guys” and “guy-ettes.” These are the people you will stretch to maintain your current position with them. These are the people who make doing business fun, exciting, and worthwhile.

I’ll say it in a different way. I like the people I like. And I will go to the ends of the earth to keep this group of people feeling good about themselves… and about me.


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