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The People Who Came Before You

“Maybe I’m not listening to your pitch because the 100 people who came before you abused my trust, stole my time, and disrespected my attention.

Perhaps I’m not buying from you because the last time someone like you earned my trust, he broke my heart.

People are never irrational. They often act on memories and pressures that you’re unaware of.”

This was a quote taken from Seth Godin’s Blog post a few years back. It rang true to me then, and it is just as poignant today. Maybe more so, as we slowly climb back from the change in mindset Covid-19 has created.



I have been sharing my views for years that travel agents have successfully taught their prospects to cast their fates to the internet. Time and again, agents/advisors have let their customers down, shook their trust, gave them something to fear, question or down-right disbelieve. Not because they are bad people. Perhaps because they were in a rush, or just didn’t see the need to do their homework. It should come as no surprise clients would soon resort to the do-it-yourself medium. What did you expect?

Now, your work is cut out for you. Don’t be a “we.” Be a “you.” Be the exception. Work hard at earning people’s trust again. Be that one “special” person in a hundred. Be fun. Be unique. Be sincere. Be genuine. Be interested… and before you know it, you will be “interesting.”


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Here are a few hints: Call people back. Act like you are glad they contacted you. Say thank-you more often… and mean it. Listen with the intent to understand. Start a little bit earlier. Finish a little bit later. Mix up your daily routine once in a while. Take a walk. Work at becoming a magnet that attracts people into your circle rather than repels them away from you. Think. Breathe. Live. Love. Become something “special.”

And here is a final reminder today. Remember, you do not have to go to work. You get to go to work.


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