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How Do You Feel?

How do you really feel?

Your knee-jerk response might sound something like these: “I feel fine.” “I’m okay.” “Can’t complain.” “Good as usual.” Quickly responding with a reply like this is nothing more than a quick way to by-pass the interrogation. I’ll ask you again— How do you really feel?

Have you taken the time in the last few weeks/months/years to give yourself the old once-over, as it pertains to your true feelings? If not, I strongly suggest you do… sooner, rather than later.

To assist you in this meaningful reflection, allow me to do a deep dive into the inquiry.



How do you feel about your current health?

Are you eating the right foods? Are you making the time to exercise your body daily (meaning, every day.) If you are the true differentiator in your business (and you are), then it makes all the sense in the world to care for yourself like you are an expensive well-oiled machine.

How do you feel about your personal relationships?

Are you spending ample time with your family, while doing more listening than talking? When all is said and done, and you are about to close your book, nothing… spelled NOTHING… will be more important than the memories of your family.

How do you feel about your business?

Are you communicating consistently with your employees and your customers? Are you seeking their opinions and regularly evaluating their satisfaction levels? Are you providing nothing but your best—in all situations? Are you finding that you have become lazy as of late, and finding yourself opting for a few shortcuts?

How do you feel about the direction of your community?

Your current religious belief system and your personal political persuasion? (You are on your own when it comes to these feelings.)


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I think you will agree with me when I say that time is passing us by in lightening speed. There is no Pause Button when it comes to building a life worth living. Days turn into weeks… into months… into passing years. If you (we) don’t take/make the time to take a personal inventory of our lives and true feelings now and then, we just might wind up feeling that we “missed the boat.”

I am reminded of a quote from a famous football coach who responded to a question pertaining to a recent loss. When asked how he felt about this particular loss, he said, “We didn’t lose. We just ran out of time.”

Which brings me to my final question of the day, as it relates to passing time. “What are you waiting for?” Ask yourself how you are really feeling about things right now, and then get busy at correcting what needs adjusting.


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