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Lake Balaton’s North Shore in Hungary

Western Hungary has its share of travel-worthy sites, like monuments, castles, countrysides and, of course, Lake Balaton. But, also in the western parts of the country is a hilly region with volcanic formations and small villages. A place where the rolling of the hills and paths leading to a monastery are a journey into yet another wine region in Hungary. Just north of Lake Balaton, the Balaton Uplands await the traveler.


Sümeg city skyline seen from the castle


When the Ottoman Empire took control of Hungary in the 16th and 17th centuries, castles were built on the newly created border. These once vital castles are now ruins that can be explored. The Csobánc castle ruins is a perfect example of this. With a 2-hour hike up a scenic hill that overlooks the area, the traveler can witness the few walls left of this ruins outside of the town Gyulakeszi. While in the town of Szigliget, the renovated upper and lower parts of the Szigliget castle are easily accessed. This castle includes exhibitions on its history and how people lived there. Then, there’s Sümeg castle in the town named the same. 20 miles north of Lake Balaton, this castle sits on top of Castle Hill with a phenomenal view of the surrounding area. It is Hungary’s most well-preserved castle, and features a Knight Tournament and Medieval Feast.


Aerial image of the Tihany Abbey, at Lake Balaton in Hungary


Another area on the north of Lake Balaton, is the Tihany Peninsula. The more prominent village on this 3-mile long peninsula is, of course, Tihany. While the whole peninsula is a historical district, the center is the Benedictine Tihany Abbey founded in 1055 AD. This abbey sits atop a 262-foot tall plateau looking out over the calm waters of Lake Balaton. Though, the village nearby (also on the peninsula) is a delight to visit as well. This thousand-year-old village has houses with thatched roofs that harken back to old times.


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toast with wine in a vineyard bar with a nice view of Lake Balaton on a nice summer day with family friends.


And, finally, the wine tastes in Káli Basin (Káli-medence). Also located in the Balaton Uplands National Park, this basin is an important wine region dating back to before Roman times. These wines are grown around volcanic bedrock and soils which contain rich minerals. With white and red wines being produced from the area, the viticulture includes these varieties: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Szürkebarát, Muscat Ottonel, and much more. Combine these tasty wines with the gastronomy and amazing view of towns, and the traveler is all set to enjoy the Káli Basin.

Hungary has its share of visible history, nature to enjoy, and delights for the taste buds. The Balaton Uplands can added in with enjoying Lake Balaton, making it a well-rounded time for the traveler. That’s Visit Hungary’s bread and butter, and they’re ready to show the best of the best—whether its the Budapest or Lake Balaton—in Hungary.


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