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Luck Favors the Prepared Mind

For years, I gave credit to Voltaire for sharing this sage advice. I later attributed this key reminder to the rightful author, Louis Pasteur. Regardless of who first came up with this “beauty,” it remains one of my favorite quotes.

In our current (soon-to-be post Covid-19) environment, I am hearing many agents say they are experiencing the debilitating phenomenon known as “overwhelm.” My fear is that these very same agents may resort to the age-old strategy known as WHP… which stands for “wishing, hoping and praying.”

Let me be quick to mention that I have nothing against making wishes when blowing out birthday candles, hoping for sunny 4th of July weekends, and praying for guidance from above when confronted with a life-changing decision. All three situations get a “thumbs-up” from me. But, when it comes to building and sustaining a business, I am afraid it takes a little more effort on your part, and not so much enticement from your local soothsayer.



Referencing today’s title, I want to publicly acknowledge that “luck” can and does play a pivotal role in our lives. It could be as simple as a flip of a coin, or the fact that the stars are in favorable alignment at the moment. But these factors, in and of themselves, do not provide enough solace to lull you into a peaceful night’s rest.

As Louie reminded us in just five words, favorable outcomes usually are the result of focused and diligent preparedness. In other words, you personally have a great deal to do with the future luck you will enjoy.


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I have proven this in my life multiple times. That lucky bounce in golf just might have been the result of my selecting the right club from a full bag of options. The player who falls on a fumble in football would not have been declared the hero if he was not in the vicinity at the time and ready to pounce. That extra hour in the library just might have had something to do with your passing that difficult test. (The examples can go on until the cows come home.)

Your luck just might be waiting for you to send that difficult email (phone call) you have been putting off. Perhaps it will surface at the next conference you decide to attend, although it would be a lot easier and less expensive to stay home. What about exercising the next idea you come across from the next business book you read, or webinar you attend? The truth is that you just don’t know when “luck” will enter your world.

Here is an idea which is very much within your current capabilities: “DECIDE TODAY TO MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK.” Start doing what you already know to be prudent, meaningful, and logical as it relates to positioning yourself for a whole bunch of luck.

Luck favors the prepared mind. Louis Pasteur said it. I endorse it. You make it happen.


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