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Bordeaux River Cruise Price Comparisons 2022

Bordeaux River Cruise Prices 2022 is part of a continuing series of comparison charts and articles featuring European River Cruises offered by world class river cruise lines. Our goal is to provide a True Per Diem for each cruise, or the daily cost breakdown of the trip once all extra fees are added to the cruise fare.


Scenic Diamond docked in Bordeaux. © 2017 Ralph Grizzle


Comparison charts serve as a guide and attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions from our readers:

  • What is a Bordeaux river cruise going to cost me?
  • How does the cruise I am looking at compare to Bordeaux river cruises offered by other companies?
  • What is the price for an entry-level cabin?
  • What’s the price for an upgrade?
  • What’s included in a 2022 Bordeaux River cruise?
  • What Bordeaux river cruise incentives are there for 2022? 

Our goal is to provide a True Per Diem for each cruise, or the daily cost breakdown of the trip once all extra fees are added to the cruise fare.


I joined a guided bike tour, using AmaDolce’s complimentary bicycles, to pedal from Blaye to Bourg, only 17 kilometers, with a few hills to get the heart pumping. We met AmaDolce about halfway through our trip to Bourg. © 2016 Ralph Grizzle


Why Cruise Bordeaux?

There are only five cruise companies that provide Bordeaux river cruises. I’ve experienced Bordeaux cruises on four of the five companies operating in Bordeaux: AmaWaterways, CroisiEurope, Scenic and Viking. Uniworld also operates in Bordeaux.

Of my experiences, I would briefly characterize each as offering … 1) AmaWaterways, great shore programs, including bicycling and hiking; 2) CroisiEurope, French flair and basic staterooms; 3) Scenic, elegant staterooms with multiple dining venues; and 4) Viking, beautiful Longships and great programs ashore.

The cruises in the Bordeaux region operate on the Gironde estuary, Garonne river and Dordogne rivers. All of the cruises in the charts embark and disembark from the city of Bordeaux, the wine capital of France. The French poet and novelist Victor Hugo is said to have found Bordeaux to be so intriguing that he said: “Take Versailles, add Antwerp, and you have Bordeaux.” To fully appreciate this sentiment, dedicate a few hours to strolling or cycling along the left bank to enjoy Bordeaux’s beautiful architecture such as Place de la Bourse with the Miroir d’eau.


Scenic Diamond sailing the Garonne River in Bordeaux. © 2017 Ralph Grizzle


Bordeaux has been a center for wine trade for nearly 2,000 years. The Romans, who conquered the region in 60 BC, endowed Bordeaux with vineyards and wine production. Today, more than 10,000 wine-producing châteaux and 13,000 grape growers produce more than 50 appellations, many of which are world-renown and some of which are among the world’s most expensive wines. A fact that will astonish oenophiles: The Bordeaux region produces nearly 1 billion bottles of wine annually.

Depending on the cruise you choose, itineraries may include excursions to Saint-Émilion, the ancient wine capital of the region; wine tastings in Bordeaux vineyards; a visit to Blaye Fortress, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and other cities such as Pauillac, Libourne, and Bergerac. Most of the cruise companies offer an included shore excursion each day. Some cruise companies premium excursions for an extra fee. Some companies offer biking and hiking.

In a single week, guests typically visit multiple vineyards for lessons on past and present production methods and samples of the local wines, which can even include dessert wines like Sauternes. A few river cruise lines offer up visits to nearby Cognac, where fans of the famous brandy can participate in tastings and even blend their very own cognac at the Camus Cognac Visitor’s Center.

Do you have to be a drinker to get the most out of this trip? Not at all. At every turn, magnificent chateaus rise up and fall over the landscape, punctuated by vineyards that stretch for nearly as far as the eye can see. This is wine country, to be sure, but historic cities like Blaye and Cadillac make for fascinating destinations in their own right.

Understanding The Pricing Charts

The prices in this chart are based on double occupancy. The upgrade costs for a cabin with a balcony are per person. The value of the incentive is broken down per day, per person. True per diem will include the savings of incentives/discounts offered at the time of research as well as the imputed value of items that are not included.

Prices and details reflect information available at the time of research. Cruise lines offer varying incentives with differing time limits or deadlines, and it is best to check with a travel agent or the cruise company’s website. The incentives that are included in the charts were current at the time they were compiled and may no longer apply or there may be a new special offer.


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