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The Healing Waters of Poland

Stress seems to be an inevitable part of life. Our jobs, which can often be a source of fulfillment, demand our attention and keep us on our toes. Add in taking care of family issues that may arise and the plumbing getting backed up and the air conditioner going out… stress seems to always be knocking at the door of attention. Medical issues pop-up without warning, and may be daunting at times. Fortunately, Poland has plenty of ways for travelers to relax and truly enjoy life once again with spas and health resorts – as well as help people with issues that may be affecting their daily lives.



Located in the district of Pulawy, the town of Naleczow has been a spa resort destination since the 18th century. The waters are said to have a healing essence, rich in bicarbonates of carbon and iron. Lush vegetation surrounds the area giving it a calm atmosphere, while the warm climate provides comfort. The spas cater to those with cardiovascular conditions, and even patients in rehabilitation for myocardial infarction (heart attack) and cardiac surgery. With Swiss and Italian-style architecture, this spa town is a great example of a health destination in Poland.




Another small spa town in Poland is Polanica-Zdroj. Thought to be first settled in 1347, though the first recorded spa dates backs to the 18th century. It lies in the valley of the River Bystrzuca Dusznicka. On one side of this picturesque valley the foothills of the Piekielna Gora Massif, the other lined with the Kamienna slopes. The humid, piedmont atmosphere is covered in dense forest and feature natural spring water and mud. Adding to the spa-oriented aspects of the town are cycling and hiking trails, as well as sporting and recreational events. The spas themselves, outfitted with modern medical facilities, specialize in the treatment of cardiac, gastric and locomotive diseases.


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Sitting within the valley of the Grajcarek Stream, and between 1400 ft and 1670 ft above sea level, Szczawnica is a small town in the south of Poland. The first spa dates back to 19th century, where many sources of medicinal spring water were found in the area. Today, Szczawnica is not only a place for a healthy retreat but also one that attracts tourists to its scenery. Another perk of this destination are the 4 km of ski runs available on Mount Szafranowka in the winter months. With a maximum ski run of 1800 meters, and a hiking and cycling trail for the summer months, there’s more than enough to draw a client. The healing spring waters are carbonated while being rich in bicarbonates, sodium, and iodine. Spas of Szczawnica are specialized in dealing with musculoskeletal and respiratory diseases, as well as obesity.


There’s something to be said about spas that have remained popular for many years, particularly in the fact that they survived the ravages of World War II. Poland’s spas are the healthy cherry on top of an already scenic country full of surprises for the traveler.


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