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What Ever Happened To “Telling The Truth”

I am writing this article at ten minutes to three in the morning. Maybe you too have trouble sleeping as the world continues to spin, while the days, weeks, months and years show no interest in slowing down. At this time of night, I find myself thinking about things I have trouble understanding… like whatever happened to telling the truth.

Somebody recently mentioned in conversation that “lying” today appears to have become an acceptable behavior. I find this belief to be incredible and downright insulting.

“To tell you the truth, I’m …” Don’t you just LOVE this phrase? Or, “As long as we are being honest….” Where along the line did we ever get the notion that it is okay to be dishonest… that it is okay to tell a lie?

Here is an idea: Let’s be honest with each other for a change. Let’s see how it feels to simply tell the naked truth. You go first. (Incredible!)

To tell you the truth, this leads me to today’s message. There are times when I feel like throwing in the towel. Things just stop working the way I want them to. The harder I try, the more I find myself doubting my tactics, education, experience, up-bringing, choice of religion, personality and choice of aftershave. I have even sunk so low as to blame it all on being a Mets fan. “Why bother?” I ask myself.

Now you know the truth. I’m human, and experience the same self-doubts that you do. I get frustrated. I second-guess myself. I blame… excuse… and wish things were different.

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Have I disappointed you? I wouldn’t blame you if you feel that way. I just burst my own balloon. After all, if the people you rely on to pick you up regularly also spend time in the dumper, whom can you turn to for support? Who can you trust? Who is willing to view and accept things as they are, and relay the facts without distortion or false embellishment? (What is this world coming to?)

I have a solution. Let’s schedule a webinar and have one huge, Guinness Book of Records-Caliber Pity Party. This would go viral, and we all would become world-famous, record-setting crybabies. We can all tell each other lies so we feel better for the next 60 minutes. What do you say?

Or, we can try something else. Like telling the truth. We can remember how lucky we are to be in the best industry imaginable. We can try focusing on our good clients and be thankful for every one of them. We can try calling a good friend, mentor, coach or associate, who will give you an honest opinion or a swift kick in the hind quarters in an effort to remind you of where you are screwing things up.

And as long as we are telling the truth, there are many people who need you. (Not everybody.) But there is still a handful of good, hard-working, honest, and appreciative citizens who want to continue sculpting an exciting, well-traveled life. And although they may not know it yet, they are eager to meet you and will want your help. And that my friends, is the truth.


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