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Three More Magic Words Every Travel Pro Needs to Know

When we were little, we all knew about the two magic words, right? I mean it seemed that if I used them, the world was my oyster, and I could get anything I wanted. That new GI-Joe could be mine if I said “please” and “thank you.” Well, as I grew up, I realized that my hypothesis was false; but it was always a good idea to use them.  But after decades of owning a travel business, I realized there are not just two magic words, but five.  So, what are the other three?


“Because” establishes a sense of purpose. And don’t we all want to have a sense of purpose? In the sales process, “because” is the answer to the “why.” Why do I want to take a cruise? Why would I want to go to Europe now? Why do I want to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans?

Learn how to give your customers the “because” for all of their “whys.” You know who is outstanding with “because”? Today’s technology companies. For years, I asked myself why I would want an Apple watch. My girlfriend bought me one a few years ago and I love it “because” it has helped me get healthier. As she investigated it, she began to see the “because” and made the decision I needed to see it too.

Your clients will want to cruise because of the all-inclusive nature of the product. They will want to go to Europe because history fascinates them. They will want to go to Mardi Gras because it is an event that is on nearly everyone’s bucket list.

Find the “because” and use it!


This is somewhat obvious. “You” makes a connection with a person. By using the word, it makes it easy for the client to visualize (remember we are a visual industry) themselves in whatever situation. “Imagine the moment you walk into the Sistine Chapel and see Michelangelo’s work for the very first time.” They must react to that. Use “you” to draw them into the imagery.


We all like new.  I don’t want a 5-year-old car, I want a new one. I don’t want to pick up the newspaper and read about today’s news tomorrow, I want the new news right now. And while much of our product is old (well, ancient I guess), the experience is likely new to our clients. I am not sure about you, but very few of my clients repeat trips; they want a new experience. They want a new destination. They want something new that will set their trip apart from the rest. We are conditioned to believe that “new” is better and that “new” will allow us to be on the leading edge.

As you develop your marketing as we come out of the pandemic, keep these words in mind. Give them their “because”, bring their “you” into the picture and let them know of the “new” experience. Need an example? Imagine YOUrself being pampered on the beach of the NEWest boutique hotel in Tahiti BECAUSE you have just retired from a successful career!

You get the idea.  Now, I need to go buy the new iPhone 13…just because!

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