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Bryce Canyon National Park

The national parks of the western United States are wondrous sights that have been part of America’s charm since before President Woodrow Wilson created the National Park Service in 1916. Many of these parks, particularly those in the southwest, seem like a surreal and alien landscape to be held in awe. Eroded by time, they stand as monolithic reminders of the Earth’s vast history. The ways in which the traveler can enjoy these parks are nearly endless. Bryce Canyon National Park is a perfect example of this scenic getaway.


Amphitheater At Bryce Canyon National Park In Utah


The entrance to the national park is the town of Bryce Canyon City, a small town established in 2007. Its location is perfect to drive in from Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. When approaching the park, it is obvious that the scenery is magic incarnate. Multicolored limestone forms eroded structures all around. Hoodoos, the tall and thin spired rock jutting in the sky, cover the land like Roman pillars holding up an endless blue sky. The uneven erosion at the base of these hoodoos is from washing away rock that has been split by frost wedging. No matter the time of year Bryce National Park is a view to behold. Though the winter nights can drop below freezing, the snow-peaked spires are a once in a lifetime sight.

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Bryce Canyon National Park has everything the traveler will want to do in a such a stunning natural environment. Mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, camping, guided tours and, of course, hiking. The Fairyland Point loop and trail lives up to its name, with a labyrinth-like hike through spires and canyons into the center of the park—and passes by famous landmarks to take in. The most popular trail is the Navajo Loop, named after the indigenous peoples that once flourished on this land, leads the traveler to Sunset Point, a great experience to see the park flooded with the reds and oranges of sunset.

Bryce Canyon’s allure is beyond what can be described in the words of one article. While the sights are sure to astound, Collette Tours offers up this and more with their national park tours. Imagine, the rusted red rock shining in the blaze of a sunset, white water rafting in crisp waters or a simple float down calm waters. The destinations of their tours include the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Mt. Rushmore, and many other stopovers. Let the traveler experience the spacious beauty of America’s wild west.


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