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I Remember When I Said, “I was wrong.”

I remember thinking that things would be different once I reached my age. I believed things would be easier. I thought the hard part would be yesterday’s news. Wrong again Mike-O.

This has been proven not to be the case. But, if you stop to think about it, life would be pretty boring if we all had it together before the boys headed for the showers and the “fat lady” sang.

Marketing is simply why some things work, and why things don’t work. The reason for this is because our world is in constant spin. Change is the only constant as we approach the year 2022. And that is as it should be.



We all will face times when we feel inundated and overwhelmed. We won’t know which way to turn and what to do next. We might even become scared. (I hate it when people get scared.) The secret is to know that these feelings are coming, and it is important not to over react when they do.

I will experience these feelings, and you will experience these feelings.

And when we do, let’s make it our business to have the courage and the confidence to know that they will pass, as we continue to service our clients while looking for that next person to introduce ourselves to. After all, marketing is a dynamic process. It is not a stop-and-go strategy that we dabble with when we feel like it.

When sales slowdown and your marketing pipeline dries up, please remember that we are all in this thing together, and together we will emerge out of this temporary funk. We will soon be doing our marketing “happy dance” again.


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Which way should we go? Go forward. With enthusiasm. With confidence. With personality. With hope. With ambition. With the knowledge and conviction that your business is to help people enjoy themselves. People will always require help and some people will be seeking help from you. Believe this because it is true, not just because I said it.

Yours is a business worth developing.

Today’s Message: Move forward with a sense of worth. Move forward with a sense of value. Move forward.

– Mike Marchev

P.S. – If for no other reason, it is harder to hit a moving target.


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