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Remembering The Rule of 7

I recently got home after speaking at a conference in Orlando, after months of inactivity. It felt good to get up in front of a group of eager professionals and share my personal experiences with a bit of panache. (Flamboyant confidence of style or manner.)

Regardless of how hard I try, I still find myself resorting back on the tried-and-true strategies and tactics that work year-in and year-out. As most people are drawn to the latest flavor of the week, or lured toward the latest magic formula, I know after over 35 years in the business that it is the basics and fundamentals that will make your business work.

One of the formulas I have been touting over the years still hold water today. The Rule of Seven was first introduced to me by Dr. Jeffrey Lant nearly 40 years ago. By definition, the rule implies that in order to do business with somebody, a series of contacts need to be exercised before your prospect begins to feel comfortable with you. Seven contacts over an eighteen-month period is suggested.



Since I was first introduced to the rule, I feel a small edit or adjustment might be in order. With the Internet coming of age with numerous attention-getting advertisements, I feel twelve contacts over an eighteen-month period might serve the seller better. The popular saying “out of sight = out of mind” might help support my current position.

When push comes to shove, there is nothing magical about the numbers 7, 12, or 18. The rule simply implies that in order to remain on top of mind over time, a series of reminders need to be scheduled as a part of your marketing plan.


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So let’s cut to the chase. Rather than trying to be clever by tricking your prospect into listening to your well-rehearsed sales pitch, doesn’t it make more sense to position yourself as a trusting advisor over time? I think it does.

Keeping the Rule of 7 as your guide to success, your job is to provide bits and pieces of helpful information flowing toward your prospect in what is known as “spaced repetition.” Your objective is to prominently display your expertise over time without appearing pushy, arrogant, aggressive or over-bearing.

What constitutes a “contact” you might be wondering. The choice is yours as long as you re-enter your prospect’s world with some degree of information of interest. Your Options include, but are not limited to: Email; snail mail; phone calls; text messages; invitations; blog posts; networking events; Zoom Meetings; etc.

Remember, when you are out of sight, you are out of mind.


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