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South Moravia: Wine, Trails, and History in the Czech Republic

Prague may be the most prominent destination in Czechia, also known as the Czech Republic, but the country offers much more in the way of landscapes to capture the traveler’s imagination. This is where the South Moravian Region enters the conversation. A land of rolling plains, old-world villages and towns, and white wines to satiate the vinophiles. South Moravia in the eastern part of Czechia will lure the travel in with trails to follow these wonderful views and tastes.




The capital of the region is Brno (pronounced BUR-noh) and is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, second only to Prague. Though, it has grown to rival Prague in its metropolitan feel. A vibrant night life, local cuisines, busy streets winding through traditional architecture… Brno has it. Historical attractions are abound as well. Surrounded by a park thick with lush trees, the Špilberk Castle is a prominent Gothic monument in the center of the city. Once the home of royalty, then a jail that tortured its “guests,” it now hosts cultural events and festivals for residents and travelers alike. The Villa Tugenhat, a relic of the functionalist architecture movement, stands as a UNESCO site. There is also a labyrinth under a cabbage market and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, both fascinating reminders of Czechia’s past. Brno is a city that offers the traveler a different taste of Czechia’s history, with modern amenities to spoil them.


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Wine, Trails, and Beauty



South Moravia’s countrysides have almost 745 miles of trails known, oh so appropriately, as the Moravian Wine Routes. These routes are perfect for a leisurely bicycle trip through the old country, where cellars built hundreds of years ago can visited as stopovers from the view of lush meadows and small towns. The routes are different, with some that are flat and easy going with others that rise in slight hills. The longest route of these is the Znojemská route. One of the sites is Znojmo, a historic town looking over the Dyje River, and has a look of the Renaissance and is the centre of a wine region that is well-known around the area. Located in Znojmo is the Znojmo castle, the popular underground corridors that run 18 miles underneath the houses and streets beneath the historic town centre. And this only one of the many routes that also include monasteries and chateaux to visit, and wine cellars for tastings to enrich the taste buds while the traveler takes in the wonderful scenery.


Whether part of a side trip out of Prague or part of an entire stay in the area for relaxation, South Moravia will be a highlight for the traveler. That’s why the Czech Tourism Agency has created tools and documents to help flesh out a memorable trip to the many beautiful facets of Czechia for travelers. From historic culture, to charming streets, to natural wonders… South Moravia in the Czech Republic awaits. For the tours and sites of Moravia, the Czech Tourism Authority has the plans and know-how for the traveler to get around in style and leisure.


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