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Just Do It!

Nothing Ventured … Nothing Gained.

In today’s message, I am going to try to drive home an important point by using a number of well-worn phrases. Some may be more familiar than others. Here goes:

First the message.

The painful truth, according to me, is that one of your biggest problems is that you don’t fail enough. Your number one problem in most cases involves your visibility factor, but let’s focus on your number two problem today… not enough effort resulting in not enough failure.

“Hold your horses!” I am not suggesting that you go out into your marketplace and purposely try to screw things up. Quite the contrary. I am recommending that you get up and out of your comfort zone, and make more designed attempts at establishing initial relationships with more of the “right” prospects and soon-to-be clients.

There are numerous ways to accomplish this formidable task, and you have to choose the right strategy for you based on your personality, time constraints, financial position and your personal commitment to the task at hand.

Here are a few phrases I know of to help you keep your eyes on the target.



“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

The hockey great Wayne Gretzky gets the credit for sharing this “blinding flash of the obvious.” You won’t know if your idea is a good one or a bad one until you test the water. You have to make the call, write the email, knock on the door or enter the arena, if you want something/anything to happen. One thing is pretty sure. “You don’t ask—you don’t get.”

“Never up, never in.”

This is a golfing phrase reminding the practitioner that if you fall short of the target, you will have a snowballs chance in hell to become successful. For the ball to fall into the cup, it has to travel far enough to reach the cup. Coming up short by even a centimeter is as good as missing by two feet. You have to get there to enjoy the spoils.


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“You have to dig a hole.”

This one is of my favorites with credit going to Tom Peters, the co-author of the book In Search of Excellence. Tom’s complete quote: “It is amazing to me how many people in the oil business fail to get the message that in order to strike oil you have to dig a hole.”

Ladies and gentlemen, there are only two types of holes. Holes with oil and the other kind. Bottom line: Keep digging until you find the liquid gold.

“Stop playing to the wrong audience.”

I am going to take credit for this one. Stop flattering yourself. Nobody cares about you. I often remind audiences that of the seven billion people on our planet, I can categorize them all into just two groups. Those two groups consist of people I can help and people I can’t help. Where many of you go wrong is when you try to talk your way into a relationship with the wrong group. This may work occasionally, but it definitely is not the most prudent way to spend your time.

My suggestion? Spend your working hours identifying those people who are receptive and in need of your expertise.

“Just Do It.”

Nike said it in just three words. Long form: “Stop procrastinating and boring people with your lame excuses and meritless reasons why something can’t be done.” Just do it.


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