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Looking At The Bright Side As We Head Into The Holidays

Another year!  Wow, that was fun—not! Every year, I take a bit of a break for the final weeks of the year to push a virtual “reset” button.  In December 2020, I figured in 2021, things would get drastically better for the travel industry. Well, they are better, but the whole “drastically” part fell a bit short. But rather than sit here and be a Donnie Downer, I am going to press on and look at the bright side!

Before we continue, watch this and I dare you not to smile!

We’re still standing. And this is what we do best. We have been written off more times than I can count, yet we always come back strong, and often stronger than before. And I truly believe this industry is the single most resilient one, and we will persevere.

When I look back to 2001 (can you believe it was 20 years ago?), people did not travel for weeks after the attack. With COVID, we are still seeing hesitancy nearly two years later. But, it is getting better. The travel market is one big bottle of Coke with a stack of Mentos just waiting to be dropped inside.  So, as we roll through a difficult holiday season, I offer the following.

Relax. A lot.  It’s been a stressful two years. Take time for yourself. Walk, run, sail, hike, hang glide, surf, or do whatever makes you at peace. If possible, try to forget about the office and the job. Put on an autoresponder letting your clients know that you will be a tough reach for a while—they’ll understand. And yes, spend time with your family and loved ones, because at the end of the day, family and loved ones are all that matters.

And with that, I will wish you all a belated Hannukah, a pre-emptive Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa. And what the heck, Happy Festivus and Happy New Year too!

I am looking forward to 2022 and putting the past two years in my rear-view mirror and working on rebuilding my business even stronger.  Please come and join me—and remember to always look at the bright side of life!

Happy holidays–




PS:  Usually my hiatus would end on January 1st, but this year I will be traveling and returning on January 3rd, so we’ll see you back for a brand new year on January 10th!

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